The Lovers~ Imprisoned Indefinitely

Photo by Pixabay: to use (CC0) Man Holding Flowers Standing Beside Woman on Railroad
Photo by Pixabay:

The brightness of your face
Illuminates the shadow of time.
The unconscious space becomes conscious.
And the dust begins to form.
A circular shape,
Like a tree without branches.

We came from nothing.
And we wake up in the shadows.
The reflections of our conscience are…



I want to leave my mark on this topsy-turvy planet. I am obsessed with writing about anything that interests me. I’d appreciate it if you’d follow my publication. I assure you that the following is free and that you'll not be disappointed.

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Misbah Sheikh

Misbah Sheikh

I am interested in psychology, spirituality, mindfulness, recipes, history, arts, & poetry. I enjoy writing on a variety of topics & I need your support to grow