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MISBLOC 2022 Roadmap

Lots of exciting updates planned for 2022!

MISBLOC (Medical Information Service with Blockchain) is a medical service ecosystem, which is based on blockchain technology. MISBLOC offers a sustainable and efficient medical service ecosystem, by providing reliable medical information to patients, medical institutions, and public institutions in the Big Data era.

Welcome back! We are so thrilled to share MISBLOC’s 2022 Roadmap update with all of you! We have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to bring our followers new updates and events. We have many exciting plans for the future so make sure you read our roadmap carefully so that you don’t miss out on anything!

First of all, MISBLOC will launch the medical service platform “ANAPATALK Ver. 2.2” in the third week of May, the second quarter of 2022.

Through the app, users can make hospital reservations or fill out electronic questionnaires. Additionally, MyData that is registered on the app can be reused at affiliated hospitals in the future.

Furthermore, we would like to hold a large-scale medical event to express our gratitude to the users who have supported MISBLOC. We hope that lots of people will participate in our event. Prizes include scaling procedures (for about 500 people) and implant surgeries (for about 50 people) at more than 60 affiliated hospitals nationwide. We will announce the winners in real-time online every week.

The detailed 2022 Roadmap is shown below:

We’d like to thank all of our followers and supporters who have been with us on this long journey. We are excited about all of the updates and events in the future. Please continue to follow us! Thank you.

MISBLOC can be found on different platforms!

Dear reader, thank you for spending your valuable time reading this post! If you want to stay updated with the activities of MISBLOC, make sure to follow the channels below!

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MISBLOC offers a sustainable medical service ecosystem, by utilizing selected medication information in a combination with a blockchain technology in the MyData era, which is the era of big data of individual lifelog, that connects telecommunication-medical-financial spheres.

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Medical Information Service with Blockchain

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