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MISBLOC & EnjoyMyHobby AMA Recap

We covered lots of topics in this fantastic AMA

MISBLOC (Medical Information Service with Blockchain) is a medical service ecosystem, which is based on blockchain technology. MISBLOC offers a sustainable and efficient medical service ecosystem, by providing reliable medical information to patients, medical institutions, and public institutions in the Big Data era.

Welcome back!

We are excited to inform you that MISBLOC held an AMA with EnjoyMyHobby yesterday (January 12). It was a great chance to hear directly from MISBLOC’s CEO about all the new updates expected in the coming year. Participants even had a chance to ask a couple of questions at the end. If you weren’t able to attend in person, feel free to read through the AMA below!

1st part: Moderator Q&A Session

Moderator: Hello, MISBLOC Community, nice to meet you. Today, we have Kim Do-hee, CEO of MISBLOC, here for an AMA.

Before proceeding, please briefly introduce yourself.

CEO Kim Dohee: Hello everyone in the EnjoyMyHobby community! I’m Kim Dohee, CEO of MISBLOC. I double-majored in computer science and dentistry and established MISBLOC while working as a dentist.

Our project aims to provide services so that individuals can own and utilize their medical data in the era of Web 3.0. We still have a long way to go, but we are working hard! You will be able to see lots of results soon. In fact, the $MSB token we have issued is currently listed on Bithumb.

I’m very happy to be with you today and I hope it will be a useful time for everyone participating in this AMA. Nice to meet you!

Moderator: So MISBLOC has a token related to medical data utilization services. Very interesting. Thank you for your introduction. Now, let’s jump into our questions.

Q1: What caused you to create MISBLOC? Why did you choose the medical field?

CEO Kim Dohee: Currently, Korea’s electronic medical record system is not unified but separated. There are fatal problems, such as incompatibility across the different medical record systems used by different medical institutions. Due to this, whenever patients change hospitals, they have to order and submit a paper chart from the previous hospital, or even enter the chart manually at the new hospital. In addition, medical data is currently centralized and managed by medical institutions. At first, this may sound beneficial, but it actually means that personal data is not protected safely or transparently. Therefore, there is always the risk of a data breach causing precious medical data to be leaked. MISBLOC wants to create an efficient medical information ecosystem using blockchain technology to resolve these factors in the medical field.

Q2: What functions does ANAPATALK, MISBLOC’s blockchain-based medical service platform, provide to users to create a transparent and secure medical information ecosystem?

CEO Kim Dohee: ANAPATALK is currently being upgraded to ANAPATALK 2.1. In the future, patients using the ANAPATALK app will be able to use non-face-to-face treatment (remote treatment) and reservation services. They will also be able to use MyData services which provide personalized medical services based on the past medical data of registered patients. In addition, information and opinions on medical institutions and treatments can be exchanged with other users in the community on the app. MISBLOC will then provide compensation (in the form of points) for such actions, based on its own calculation method. In the first quarter of 2022, we will provide a decentralized $MSB wallet service on the ANAPATALK app, which will convert those points into $MSB tokens and provide a service that allows users to trade on the exchange.

Q3: Please tell us the benefits of owning $MSB tokens and what roles they will play in the ecosystem.

CEO Kim Dohee: $MSB is a utility token, not a platform coin that provides services like Ethereum. The ecosystem is not very large yet, but we want to provide several services to reward holders. For example, we are planning a staking service to provide interest earnings for long-term holders.

In the beginning, we had planned to provide staking services through MSB wallets that were to be installed directly on the ANAPATALK app. However, since then, we have been in contact with companies that provide professional DeFi services that can provide a better user experience.

Therefore, for the convenience of holders, we are currently planning a migration from the current ERC-20 to the Klaytn Mainnet. This will be announced soon. We are in contact with the division in charge of Klaytn and Klip. We would like to develop it so that holding is possible not only with the ANAPATALK in-app wallet service but also in the Klip wallet from KakaoTalk. We are also planning to provide further DeFi services to increase the number of holders and maximize rewards.

Q4: If you look at the ANAPATALK platform, most collaborations are with dentists. Do you have any plans to expand beyond dental clinics into other medical fields in the future?

CEO Kim Dohee: Of course! It’s true that currently, most collaborations are with dentists, but offers have been extended to general medical hospitals and clinics as well. However, since I am a dentist, I have a good understanding of the dental field and can access the market very easily since it is mostly filled with independent clinics. I decided to work with dentists first because the dental field is the largest in the medical market. Currently, there are about 35,000 hospitals nationwide, of which 19,000 are dental clinics. Since there were no application platform operators found in the dental market, we decided to establish ourselves in the dental field first and later conduct business throughout the medical field as we expand. We are planning to provide telemedicine services within this year. We will start with dental clinics and move into other clinics as time goes on.

Q5: Please tell us what makes MISBLOC different from existing platforms? What really makes MISBLOC stand out?

CEO Kim Dohee: As the healthcare industry continues to grow rapidly, the demand for blockchain technology has increased and various domestic medical projects have emerged. At the same time, MISBLOC has been building a system that allows both medical staff and patients to have a more convenient and reasonable experience when it comes to medical treatment. First of all, MISBLOC integrates different medical records systems into one. For medical institutions, they are able to create a system that efficiently manages patient reservations and visit records from an administrator’s point of view. For patients, they can make non-face-to-face appointments, fill out questionnaires before treatment, and submit their existing medical records directly through the app. This allows for mutually efficient time management and safe and transparent data management. In addition, MISBLOC already has about 60 affiliated hospitals and clinics in its ecosystem, the largest in the dental field. This will serve as a boost to the implementation of the medical ecosystem that the MISBLOC team wants to create.

Q6: What’s the road map going forward? What goals and vision do you want to pursue?

CEO Kim Dohee: First of all, let’s talk about the 2022 MISBLOC roadmap. We are planning to release version 2.1 of the ANAPATALK app in the first half of the year. In the first quarter, a large upgrade is scheduled that will include a simple questionnaire writing service, a real-time hospital reservation service, token swap to support Klaytn Mainnet, and ANAPATALK’s in-app wallet service for $MSB tokens. In the second quarter, we are planning to release an upgrade that will allow users to digitize their personal medical information by filling out questionnaires.

This is the first service to commercialize the (medical) MyData business promoted by the government and many companies in 2020. Many of the medical MyData businesses failed to commercialize, but MISBLOC is making every effort to introduce its blockchain MyData business to the public. It aims to develop further in the second quarter and launch an on-chain service for personal medical information in the third quarter. We would like to launch a telemedicine service as early as the third or fourth quarter of this year; early 2023 at the latest. MISBLOC will try to expand the utility of its app through many upgrades. Ultimately, MISBLOC wants to utilize blockchain technology to ensure the transparent distribution of medical data, give individuals free management and utilization of their own data, and allow users to share reliable medical content with each other.

Q7: The Metaverse is a hot topic these days. Do you have any plans to enter the Metaverse?

CEO Kim Dohee: As revealed in our white paper, the MISBLOC Team is planning a telemedicine service. We are preparing telemedicine services in the Metaverse and in-app telemedicine services on ANAPATALK. Telemedicine services in the Metaverse are planned to be available in the fourth quarter of this year or early next year. Telemedicine services on our ANAPATALK app are planned to be released in the third or fourth quarter of this year. We have been in contact with a variety of other platform companies because we think it would be more efficient to cooperate with a well-made, preexisting Metaverse platform than to create a Metaverse platform ourselves. Soon, you will be able to check the disclosures of business agreements with many Metaverse platform companies.

Q8: Marketing is a key element for the success of any project. It allows people to see the potential of the project. What strategies do you use to attract new users and investors to MISBLOC and how do you plan to keep them in the long run?

CEO Kim Dohee: MISBLOC is currently focusing on increasing the number of hospitals we have MOU agreements with across the country. Currently, we have partnered with about 60 hospitals and clinics, the most in the industry. Our aim is to make a partnership with 1,000 hospitals in 2023 and 3,000 hospitals in 2024. In order to achieve these goals, we are looking for ways to dramatically increase the number of active users by consulting affiliated hospitals on our app ANAPATALK. We also hope to attract users by hosting events that allow them to receive expensive treatments such as whitening, teeth cleaning, or dental implants at special prices. In addition, we plan to actively promote ANAPATALK by giving out promotional materials such as teeth cleaning kits and masks.

Q9: Users are most concerned about the security of their personal information. In the case of MISBLOC, what security systems do you have in place to protect users’ privacy and the security of $MSB?

CEO Kim Dohee: The issue of personal data security for users is very important. MISBLOC has been preparing a simple online questionnaire service that will be ready in the first quarter of 2022. Currently, no matter which hospital they go to, patients must fill out a questionnaire about their health. Patients should manually fill out the form and provide information about basic diseases, including heart, brain, and liver disease, diabetes, and allergies. This online questionnaire service simplifies the process of filling out repetitive questionnaires. There will be no need to manually fill out the questionnaire every time you go to a new hospital, and you will be able to simply submit the questionnaire online.

Since these questionnaires deal with sensitive personal medical information, MISBLOC will minimize the probability of personal information leakage by using Amazon servers, which are used by most domestic conglomerates, including Naver. In addition, data from the questionnaires are stored on the blockchain, which fundamentally blocks forgery attempts. Personal medical insurance claims services will be used in the near future, and fraudulent claims may occur if even one letter has been modified. Blockchain technology completely blocks forgery, so MISBLOC uses blockchain technology to reliably and safely store patients’ sensitive personal medical data.

Q10: What is the final goal for the project’s team?

CEO Kim Dohee: The MISBLOC Team aims to transparently and safely store sensitive medical data through blockchain technology. Further, they hope to manage and utilize independent medical data for patients who use MISBLOC’s services. Medical records and referrals can be issued remotely and submitted to multiple institutions without being charged multiple times. Medical reservations and non-face-to-face telemedicine services will allow many patients to experience efficient and fair medical services beyond what their local hospitals can provide.

Moderator: Thank you for taking the time to answer those questions. Do you have any additional news about MISBLOC that you would like to let us know about?

CEO Kim Do-hee: We have had lots of exciting news over the past year. Starting with the listing on leading exchanges such as Coinone, Bithumb, and Bittrex Global last year, MISBLOC has continued to take steps towards our planned milestones. These steps include the Android and iOS version upgrades to ANAPATALK 2.0 and business agreements with more than 60 hospitals and clinics.

MISBLOC will not only implement remote counseling and prescription services but provide non-face-to-face medical services in the Metaverse as we continually adapt to the rapid digitalization brought on by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Following the patent application for “Point-based Medical Review & Information Sharing Methods and Devices” in May, MISBLOC is currently planning eight additional patent applications! We will continue to deliver news that will increase the value of $MSB tokens, including MOU agreements with various hospitals and clinics. I hope more people now understand the value of the MISBLOC project. Please join the MISBLOC KakaoTalk community below and continue to follow us in the future!

Moderator: Thank you. This is the end of MISBLOC & EnjoyMyHobby AMA. Thank you CEO Kim Do-hee for doing this AMA together.

After this part of the AMA, which was conducted using preliminary questions, many people asked a few questions on the spot. CEO Kim Do-hee answered as follows.

2nd part: Live Q&A Session

Q1: What makes ANAPATALK better than Goodoc?

CEO Kim Do-hee: It’s true that Goodoc has occupied the market faster than us as a search platform. However, we are not just a search platform. We will also provide reservation services, and use blockchain technology to upload and store personal medical data. Furthermore, telemedicine services will be available in-app, so I think ANAPATALK will eventually be a platform that provides more services than Goodoc in the future.

Q2: The first thing I think of when I think of medical services is emergency medical services. Do you have any plans to support emergency medical services for a large user base?

CEO Kim Do-hee: That’s an interesting thought. We currently don’t have any plans for emergency medical services, but we will have to think about how to deal with that issue in the future.

Q3: It is not easy to collect personal medical data under the Personal Medical Information Protection Act. Have you found ways to overcome this problem? In addition, telemedicine is also tightly restricted under medical law, so is there a way to perform telemedicine without changing the law?

CEO Kim Do-hee: Managing personal medical data is of course a sensitive issue. It is true that there are many restrictions on storing medical data, but if the person freely uploads their own medical information, there are fewer legal restrictions. For example, uploading medical data to receive compensation is legally allowed under medical law. In fact, third-party organizations are legally allowed to use that data to some extent.

In 2020, the government led MyData business, of which healthcare accounted for the largest portion. It’s not a problem when an individual uploads their data directly using their smartphone. This is the case with photos attached to treatment reviews. In the case of telemedicine, it is currently possible temporarily. Since most developed countries around the world allow telemedicine, it will be only a matter of time before Korea allows it permanently as well. It is currently allowed temporarily, but I don’t think it will go away again so easily. In fact, we have devised two ways to bypass the ban on telemedicine services, which were strictly prohibited before COVID-19, but this part will be disclosed by MISBLOC in the future.

Moderator: We hadn’t planned for a live Q&A, but I think you’re the first project to answer the community members’ questions in detail! What a great chance for today’s participants.

Then, I think it’s time to truly end this AMA with MISBLOC. Thank you!

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