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MISBLOC & Fire Ant Crypto AMA Recap

Thank you to everyone who participated in our AMA!

MISBLOC (Medical Information Service with Blockchain) is a medical service ecosystem, which is based on blockchain technology. MISBLOC offers a sustainable and efficient medical service ecosystem, by providing reliable medical information to patients, medical institutions, and public institutions in the Big Data era.

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We are excited to inform you that MISBLOC held an AMA with Fire Ant Crypto on January 17th. It was a great chance to hear directly from MISBLOC’s CEO about all the new updates expected in the coming year. If you weren’t able to attend in person, feel free to read through the AMA below!

Moderator Q&A Session

Moderator: Hello, Fire Ant Crypto Community! We will have an AMA today with MISBLOC. Here is Kim Do-hee, CEO of MISBLOC.

Before proceeding, please briefly introduce yourself.

CEO Kim Dohee: Hello, Fire Ant Crypto Community! I’m Kim Dohee, CEO of MISBLOC. MISBLOC is a project that provides blockchain-based medical services. We are striving to achieve complete personal ownership of medical data for our users. Using blockchain technology that cannot be faked, individuals can store and save their medical data on their own. They can also provide their own medical data to hospitals and public clinics directly.

It is a great honor to participate in the AMA with the Fire Ant Community. I hope it will be a useful and productive Q&A time for everyone.

Moderator: Alright, then let’s start the Q&A session!

Q1: What features does MISBLOC’s blockchain-based healthcare platform, ANAPATALK, provide to users that create a transparent and secure healthcare information ecosystem?

CEO Kim Dohee: ANAPATALK is currently being upgraded to ANAPATALK 2.1. In this version, users will have access to an online questionnaire system and an online reservation system. Users can make reservations directly on the ANAPATALK app based on their schedule and the hospital’s availability. They can also reduce waiting times by filling out the online questionnaire before visiting the hospital. The information on the questionnaire will be automatically converted to MyData and used when patients visit the hospital in the future in order to provide convenient and efficient treatment.

In addition, users can find hospitals and book appointments that are perfect for them by using our reliable data backed up by our app’s features and hospital reviews left by real users. Currently, users can search by specialty, area, or symptoms on the ANAPATALK app.

In short, we plan to help users find the perfect hospital through the ANAPATALK platform, use our questionnaire to reduce unnecessary waiting time for treatment, and save registered medical data as MyData so they can use their own medical data as they see fit.

Q2: I really like that MISBLOC’s project focuses on the medical field. MISBLOC’s use cases are also very impressive. What efforts are being made to ensure that MSB tokens can be used in real life?

CEO Kim Dohee: We are having in-depth discussions with affiliated hospitals to create an economic ecosystem for MSB tokens. ANAPATALK users will be able to use MSB tokens to pay for hospital treatment in the future. Also, the special purchase system will be applied in the future. Through this, you can receive dental services that are usually exorbitantly expensive at extremely reasonable prices. For example, we are discussing with about 60 dentists (with whom we have MOUs) how to provide a big discount to users who use MSB to pay for services such as implants and veneers. It may take some time to activate the system, but we are hoping to apply the special purchase system within the third quarter of 2022.

Additionally, in order for MSB tokens to be used in real life, we need smartphone applications that can be easily used by the public. Accordingly, MISBLOC is developing and distributing ANAPATALK, a dental platform. The decentralized MSB wallet will be updated within the first quarter of this year. With the wallet, customers will be able to store their MSB tokens on the app. Later, they will be able to use MSB tokens for future payment services.

Currently, we are in talks to be able to mount the Klip wallet in our app to popularize MSB as well. The Klip wallet is a part of Kakao Corp, one of the largest companies in South Korea. According to our plan, we would like to wrap up this issue in the third or fourth quarter of this year.

Q3: If you look at the ANAPATALK platform, most collaborations are with dentists. Do you have any plans to expand beyond dental clinics into other medical fields in the future?

CEO Kim Dohee: Of course! It’s true that currently, most collaborations are with dentists, but offers have been extended to general medical hospitals and clinics as well. However, since I am a dentist, I have a good understanding of the dental field and can access the market very easily since it is mostly filled with independent clinics. I decided to work with dentists first because the dental field is the largest in the medical market. Currently, there are about 35,000 hospitals nationwide, of which 19,000 are dental clinics.

As such, although dentistry accounts for a very high proportion of the medical market, there had been no application platform representing the dental market yet. Therefore, we decided to establish ourselves in the dental field, starting with telemedicine. Based on the large number of users we can secure in the dental market, we predict that it will be easy to expand into other medical markets soon. There are many hurdles to overcome, such as developing more blockchain services and establishing offline businesses. However, we expect to be able to provide our telemedicine services by the end of this year or the beginning of next year.

Q4: It seems like the MISBLOC team is working very hard. Have you been able to find a solution to the current problem with Bithumb? Are you confident you’ll be able to solve issues surrounding their policy?

CEO Kim Dohee: First of all, I would like to apologize to investors for this problem. The team would like you to know that we have since submitted all the data currently being required by the exchange. We did our best to respond to the request for data because it was an issue with delisting. Due to this situation, the MISBLOC Team, including myself, has reflected on the laxness of the MISBLOC operation over the past few months. We realized we need to be more active and responsible for the work. Fortunately, a huge upgrade is coming to ANAPATALK in the first quarter. We will also be providing Klaytn Mainnet Support and hosting a Klaytn Token Swap Event in the first quarter.

In addition, the Klaytn-based MSB Token wallet will be updated on ANAPATALK. Hospital reservations (dentistry-oriented) and questionnaire services, which were not available before, will be supported. We are planning various events based on this update. Through these events, users will be rewarded with points and be able to swap and withdraw their tokens. We will also provide a service that allows users to exchange their tokens for cash on the exchange. The development of our decentralized wallet has almost been completed, so you will be able to use this service within the first quarter.

The 2022 roadmap has been published, and will probably be available to view on Xangle within a few days. You will be able to check it out in the community soon. In 2022, we would like to actively conduct events and updates both online and offline in the blockchain sector to resolve any lingering concerns about the Bithumb issue. We can’t say for sure what will happen because it is up to Bithumb to judge the legitimacy of our project, but MISBLOC is doing its best to actively support the project and we expect Bithumb will give us a positive evaluation.

Q5: Please share the role of MSB tokens in the MISBLOC ecosystem and explain what activities users will be able to do with MSB tokens.

CEO Kim Dohee: MISBLOC’s MSB token is a utility token, not a platform coin that provides services like Ethereum. The ecosystem is not very large yet, but we want to provide several services to reward holders. First of all, we plan to provide a staking service that can generate interest earnings for long-term holders. In the beginning, we planned to provide a staking service within the in-app MSB wallet to be installed on ANAPATALK. However, since then, we have been in contact with companies that provide professional DeFi services that can provide a better user experience. Through this, we will increase the number of holders and maximize compensation for them. In addition, we are planning a migration from the Ethereum-based mainnet to the Klaytn mainnet, which will be announced soon.

The ANAPATALK platform is also being updated so that users can utilize it to receive hospital treatment and use the special purchase service that will be introduced in the future.

Q6: To what extent is MISBLOC currently participating in the healthcare industry? I’m curious about the investment companies and partner companies that are working with MISBLOC.

CEO Kim Dohee: MISBLOC is currently working with the support of famous institutions such as the Korean University Cryptocurrency Research Center and Dong-A University Hospital Dental Class. The Korean University Cryptocurrency Research Center is Korea’s first virtual asset research institute in Korea that specializes in overall virtual assets such as virtual asset technology, policy, industry, and education methods.

We also have partnerships with about 60 hospitals and clinics across the country with plans to partner with an additional 1,000 hospitals by 2023 and 3,000 hospitals by 2024. Through collaboration with hospitals, MISBLOC’s ANAPATALK app will become a big asset. We have already signed business agreements with partners mostly in the blockchain industry, so please keep an eye on our future developments.

Currently, investment attraction meetings are underway with several companies, and among them, there are several well-known, leading domestic conglomerates. Currently, we have received a lot of positive feedback, but one never knows how contract negotiations will go. Please understand that it is almost impossible for us to specify in detail which companies will invest or how the investments will proceed because it is not possible to disclose details until the contracts are signed.

Q7: What are the final goals of the project? What advantages do you have over competing projects?

CEO Kim Dohee: The MISBLOC team has many goals. We don’t just want to simply operate a platform in the medical field, but we aim to help users safely store their important medical information on the blockchain. Blockchain technology allows users to transparently and safely store their data and access it independently on the MISBLOC service.

MISBLOC stands out from the crowd because it adapts quickly to the changing times. We would like to create a system that not only allows patients to store their own, personal medical data including centrally managed medical records and referrals, but lets them remotely issue that data if necessary, or submit their data to various institutions without having to pay multiple times. When making a plan in 2019 and publishing the first white paper in 2020, finding a practical use for MyData was regarded as a pipe dream. However, with the advent of a world defined by Web 3.0, returning ownership of personal data to individuals has progressed naturally in the present era.

In terms of functionality, we would like to provide a “Total Care Solution” that provides medical services tailored to individual situations through simple searches. We will continue to use blockchain technology to upload and store medical data for our users. We will use that data to provide highly effective services such as matching personal preferences or needs, recommending treatment, or providing non-face-to-face telemedicine services through MyData on ANAPATALK. Due to the rapid digitization of medical services during the COVID-19 pandemic, MISBLOC promises to provide efficient and equal medical services not only for a large number of users in big cities but also for residents of islands or mountainous regions and medically underprivileged people.

Moderator: I wish the best for the medical project, MISBLOC!

CEO Kim Dohee: Thank you. I promise we will work hard to reach our goals.

Moderator: I sincerely thank CEO Kim Do-hee for actively participating in today’s AMA. Personally, I’m looking forward to what’s coming next for MISBLOC.

That concludes our AMA with MISBLOC. Thank you for joining!


MISBLOC is a blockchain-based medical service platform that provides proven medical information to patients, hospitals, and government/public institutions in today’s Big Data era. It creates an efficient medical service ecosystem to satisfy all participants. MISBLOC wants to push ahead with the project quickly and effectively through close communication with medical associations, the government, and regulators. In addition, MISBLOC will attract the active participation of medical personnel and medical institutions as influencers and business operators in the medical community to present practical, useful, and feasible projects to medical service consumers.

MISBLOC can be found on different platforms!

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MISBLOC offers a sustainable medical service ecosystem, by utilizing selected medication information in a combination with a blockchain technology in the MyData era, which is the era of big data of individual lifelog, that connects telecommunication-medical-financial spheres.

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Medical Information Service with Blockchain