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MISBLOC July Roadmap

New updates from the MISBLOC team!

MISBLOC (Medical Information Service with Blockchain) is a medical service ecosystem, which is based on blockchain technology. MISBLOC offers a sustainable and efficient medical service ecosystem, by providing reliable medical information to patients, medical institutions, and public institutions in the Big Data era.

Welcome back! Today we are excited to update our followers on how our roadmap is going in the first two quarters of 2022. Additionally, we look ahead to quarters 3 and 4 of this year. We’d like to thank all of our supporters and hope you continue to follow us in the future!

MISBLOC Co., Ltd. is a startup company that operates the first dental/medical platform named ANAPATALK in Korea. MISBLOC wants to become one of the largest providers of dental/medical services in the world.

Currently, the medical platform business centered on various medical fields such as plastic surgery and dermatology is booming. ANAPATALK is also creating a distinguished reputation with notable achievements through dental-oriented application services.

For more than four years, we have been working on and running the MISBLOC project, and through continuous investigation and research into the medical platform market, we have been trying to achieve two main goals: quantitative expansion and the qualitative growth of services such as planning and development, BM patent ownership, and aggressive marketing.

As a result, we are now in our current position of achieving our growth potential by having 20,000 downloads and securing 150,000 members.

In the process of business development, we experienced the joy of being listed on the Bithumb Exchange, the number 2 cryptocurrency exchange in Korea, and the pain of that transaction support ending. However, regardless of the end of transaction support, the MISBLOC team is solving problems one by one. We are doing our best to expand the DB of general members of the platform with the launch of MISBLOC’s ANAPATALK platform Ver. 2.2 in 2022.

MISBLOC has been running nonstop for about six months in the first and second quarters of 2022. Take a look at what we’ve accomplished!

ANAPATALK Ver. 2.2 Launch / Ver. 2.2 Launch Promotion Event / Activated 3 official community chatrooms / Posted advertisements on subways, buses, and Gangnam’s outdoor electronic boards / ANAPATALK M2E Point Mining Competition / Launch of ANAPATALK KakaoTalk Emojis / Recruitment of Medical Management / Launch of ANAPATALK Wallet and Point Swap.

As you can see, we have faithfully followed the road map for 2022.

In the third quarter, which begins in July, we will continue to focus on attracting additional users and affiliate hospitals and laying the groundwork for revitalizing the project through more diverse and wide-ranging events and marketing.

Let us briefly introduce what we are currently preparing for July.


Coinone Exchange Klaytn Token Migration!
Marketing for the official community (AMAs)!
MOUs Signed with Dental/Medical Companies!
Listed on two new global exchanges!
Kakao Klip Wallet Registration Promotion!
Large Exchange MSB Token Custody Promotion!

In addition, we are working on the goals of upgrading ANAPATALK Ver. 2.3 within the 3rd and 4th quarters of 2022, developing medical data on-chain, building a MyData compensation system, attracting investment, increasing the number of affiliated hospitals, and increasing users.

The MISBLOC Team dreams of becoming not just the number one dental platform, but the number one medical platform in Korea. We will plan and focus on more aggressive marketing in the second half of the year.

The MISBLOC team is also actively contacting companies with the potential to be business partners that will help create a community of regular patients, along with conveying the vision of a potential healthcare, big data business.

In 2022, through collaboration with dental companies that will create this vision together, we would like to enjoy a year where MISBLOC’s planned ANAPATALK platform and roadmap can develop even further.

Please continue to support the MISBLOC team and follow us for more updates.
Thank you.

Kim Do-hee, CEO of MISBLOC Co., Ltd.

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