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Official KakaoTalk Room 4 AMA Recap

Answers to some of your burning questions about MISBLOC

MISBLOC (Medical Information Service with Blockchain) is a medical service ecosystem, which is based on blockchain technology. MISBLOC offers a sustainable and efficient medical service ecosystem, by providing reliable medical information to patients, medical institutions, and public institutions in the Big Data era.

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On July 14th, the MISBLOC team held an AMA for the community in the Official KakaoTalk Room 4. A lot of people asked interesting questions about MISBLOC, and we felt very proud. We would like to thank everyone who attended. Today, we’ve prepared a summary of the AMA for those who weren’t able to join the live AMA session. Please read on for more information!

AMA Recap

Question 1: I heard MISBLOC will be listed on two additional exchanges. Which exchanges are they?

Answer 1: Yes! The first exchange we will be listed on is MEXC Global this Saturday! We are very excited about it. I’m sorry to say that I can’t reveal the other one yet, because we signed an NDA when we made an agreement with the exchange. However, regarding the MEXC listing, MSB-related events will be held on the MEXC website from today. Keep an eye out for updates!

Question 2: How will I be able to use the MSB tokens and points later? Also, a shopping mall is written on the road map, so how will that be related to the ANAPATALK app?

Answer 2:

Please refer to this technical table for now (Korean). In August, a shopping mall will be launched on ANAPTALK. We are planning to start selling Osstem Implant toothpaste sets and gradually expand the mall over time. Dental products will continuously be added to the mall. You can also purchase tokens swapped for mined points at the mall.

Question 3: Is the Osstem collaboration real?

Answer 3: The MISBLOC team has a clear vision of becoming the number one company in the medical Big Data industry in the future. Currently, we are in the process of achieving that goal. There are already a number of healthcare-related platforms in the market. Many medical platforms are already fiercely competing to become market leaders, including Plastic Surgery platform Babitalk, Gangnam Unni’s Dermatology Platform Yeoshin Ticket, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Insurance, and Speciality platforms MoDooDoc and DdocDoc, rare disease platform Rare Note, and non-face-to-face treatment and medicine delivery platform Doctor Now.

Our team has entered the market to become a professional platform in the dental field, which has the largest market share of a single field. We are starting from that point this year. MISBLOC is aggressively conducting online and offline marketing with the launch of its ANAPATALK Platform Ver 2.2 in the first half of this year, which will attract new patients. If the number of regular members continues to increase, we will next secure a database of 19,000 dental clinics nationwide. If members are active on the platform, we believe that the number of partner hospitals that will need advertising and promotion will naturally increase. There are already many companies in Korea that have developed into dental service companies over the past few decades. Such companies have been conducting B2B (business to business) services, and they have been in charge of connecting general patients to hospitals. The MISBLOC team is contacting companies that will create a community that treats ordinary patients as business partners, while at the same time communicating their vision of a medical Big Data business.

We would like to make 2022 the year where MISBLOC’s ANAPTALK platform and roadmap can continue to grow and develop through collaboration with dental companies that will help us create our vision together. Any progress made will be announced through all official channels. Please understand that we cannot explain these collaborations in more detail because all progress is protected by NDAs (Non-disclosure Agreements). Through collaboration with B2B companies, MISBLOC will continue to do its best to grow into a platform like Baemin in the medical field. This is the best answer I can give at this time.

Question 4: How many MSB tokens have been issued? How many are currently in circulation? How many remain locked up?

Answer 4: A total of 300 million MSB tokens have been issued. The current circulation is about 200 million, and around 5 million are unlocked every month.

Question 5: When are you planning to expand overseas?

Answer 5: We would like to be well-established in the Korean dental market before starting to expand overseas. We worked very hard to secure new members for the first time in the second quarter, and now we’re about to reach 20,000 members. Our goal is to reach 100,000 members by the end of the year.

Question 6: What is migration?

Answer 6: To explain it simply, it’s like when you change your mobile service provider.

Question 7: Why have points disappeared from ANAPATALK?

Answer 7: We had a migration event in April. At that time, we issued tokens on Klaytn and swapped them on ANAPATALK. While planning to migrate to Coinone, the Klaytn Mainnet upgraded from version 5.0 — 5.1. When we started to migrate to Coinone, a bug occurred on Klaytn and new tokens were reissued. So, we are planning to exchange the existing MSB tokens that were swapped to Coinone.

Question 8: Does MISBLOC have a staking plan like other coins?

Answer 8: We are going to consider it next year.

Question 9: It seems like MISBLOC has been achieving its goals set out in its roadmap. I would like to know about any future business expansion plans or the business’s future direction.

Answer 9: First of all, our company’s goal this year is to secure new members. I think the value of our tokens will increase when we have secured more than 100,000 members and our hospital affiliates and patient members actually use the platform.

Question 10: MISBLOC has been running a lot of events recently. How much have you spent on marketing costs?

Answer 10: We have spent a little over 600 million KRW on marketing.

Question 11: Do you have any plans to get listed on Upbit?

Answer 11: We are planning to change our name and work with a large company to be listed on Upbit.

Question 12: I’m wondering what kinds of things MISBLOC has been working on these days?

Answer 12: We have held around 20 events to attract new members. We continue to advertise on offline platforms such as on buses, subways, and large electronic boards. At the same time, we continue to advertise online as well. The launch of the exclusive MISBLOC tooth emoticons was also a way to attract members. We have recruited an Osstem executive to connect us with even more hospitals than the current 60 hospitals we’re already affiliated with. Meetings with various associations and organizations are also underway. We will try to provide our community with a variety of benefits throughout this process. Ultimately, I think the value of MSB tokens can increase only when the value of the platform increases.

Question 13: I’m curious if you have any plans to be relisted or newly listed on any domestic exchanges.

Answer 13: We believe that we should only be listed on Coinone or higher-rated exchanges. Actually, we believe that it will be quite hard to be re-listed on Bithumb. While we are constantly trying to be listed on overseas exchanges at Coinone’s level or above, we are also working hard to be listed on Korean exchanges. Rather than being listed under the MISBLOC name, though, we are planning to change the name of the company and rebrand our token in the 4th quarter. We know it won’t be easy. Therefore, we are working hard on the actual business and becoming a strong player in the medical platform field.

Question 14: I think protecting the customers’ personal information is the most important issue for the medical industry’s blockchain. I wonder what kind of security will be available and what the response will be when information is compromised.

Answer 14: I think the platform should be strong, the members should be active, and the use of tokens should enter a virtuous cycle structure. We are making an effort to go back to the basics. We have set the development of privacy as a top priority and will continue to improve little by little.

Question 15: Don’t you have any plans to make ANAPATALK available for iPhone users?

Answer 15: We originally had an ANAPATALK app at the Apple Store. However, when we linked to Klaytn wallets, the app was rejected. Apple has decided to reject the registration of all coin-related wallets. Now we are considering what our next steps will be. We will quickly find an alternative.

Question 16: Do you think the number of points being mined will affect market price fluctuations?

Answer 16: So far, the total number of swapped coins is about 180,000. We don’t think it will affect the market price because the quantity is insufficient compared to the volume of distribution.

Question 17: If 5 million locked-up tokens are released every month, won’t all the remaining 100 million tokens be in circulation in the next 20 months?

Answer 17: Yes, that’s right.

Question 18: Do you have any plans to issue more than the current 300 million tokens? Or will you stop after all 300 million have been issued?

Answer 18: That’s it. We won’t issue any additional tokens.

Question 19: How many of the 200 million tokens in circulation, excluding the current lock-up volume of 100 million tokens, are owned by the MISBLOC Foundation?

Answer 19: We own 100 million tokens.

Question 20: Are you planning to use those tokens for point payment in the future? Or will you cash them in for operating funds?

Answer 20: It will depend on the situation.

Question 21: Currently, the ANAPATALK mining point policy is awarding points rather unconventionally. Will you continue this point policy? Points cannot be given indefinitely unless the MISBLOC tokens are issued perpetually, right?

Answer 21: After securing the target number of members, we plan to lower the number of points we give out.

Question 22: Do you have any plans to collaborate with hospitals other than dental clinics? I know that dental hospitals are prioritized, but I was wondering if you had any plans to work in other treatment areas in the future.

Answer 22: Currently, there are 18,000 dental clinics nationwide. Our first goal is to grow from a dental hospital to a well-known dental platform. To accomplish this goal, we will also plan collaborative events with hospitals in the second half of the year.

Closing Statement: I’ll wrap up the AMA now. We’ll continue to have AMAs once a quarter. Thank you for joining us today and I’m sorry that I can’t stay and answer more questions. Since we announced our situation in April, we have been updating our roadmap every month. That was our way to show our willingness to protect investors and holders. We will protect each and every one of you. In 2022, we are committed to the growth of the platform. We know there’s still a lot of room for improvement, but we’ll continue to look at the big picture and solve our issues one by one. Thank you for your continued support!


MISBLOC is a blockchain-based medical service platform that provides proven medical information to patients, hospitals, and government/public institutions in today’s Big Data era. It creates an efficient medical service ecosystem to satisfy all participants. MISBLOC wants to push ahead with the project quickly and effectively through close communication with medical associations, the government, and regulators. In addition, MISBLOC will attract the active participation of medical personnel and medical institutions as influencers and business operators in the medical community to present practical, useful, and feasible projects to medical service consumers.

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MISBLOC offers a sustainable medical service ecosystem, by utilizing selected medication information in a combination with a blockchain technology in the MyData era, which is the era of big data of individual lifelog, that connects telecommunication-medical-financial spheres.

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