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Oh heyy we’re getting closer to that one and only week of magic, creativity and certainly some mischief in the south of France. Cannes International festival of Creativity kicks of on 17th of June and we’ve been invited back to do our thang.

The five-day festival unites brilliant people, products and ideas in the same place at the same time and thus creates a one-of-a-kind opportunity to network, fill heads and hearts with inspiration and connect with industry peers. And not to forget, the whole hoi polloi happens at the place to be: Cannes! While this summer’s weather has been rather “meh.” so far, the French Riviera is the perfect destination to finally catch some sun and connect over some drinks at the beach.

After having our début last year, we are returning with an even bigger line-up of mischievous opportunities at Cannes Lions 2019.

Wanna catch us? Here’s where you can find us:

More deets below👇

RA*W: How to become the best you can be.
Monday 17.June | The Dutch Embassy of Creativity

On their mission to empower young talent to ensure a strong dutch creative industry our friends at RA*W Amsterdam invited us to host an empowerment workshop for a group of hand-picked young brains. The interactive session will focus on personal branding & development in diverse roles within the advertising industry.

Education Summit: Modernising Learning Styles
Wednesday 19.June | Cannes Lions Campus Roger Hatchuel Academy

For educators to keep pace with the ever evolving industry change the education summit at Cannes Lions features inspiring and original content sessions designed to help bridge the growing gap between academia and the creative industry. As frontrunner within Creative Education, Miss Chief Emily Hinks will join the panel discussion on modernising learning styles. How to design future-proof courses and make a shift from what students learn to how they learn? With her expertise in experience-based learning, design-thinking and peer to peer learning Emily will give insights on how the next generation can learn in a dynamic way.

Cannes Lions Meet Ups
Monday 17.June - Friday 21.June| Meet Up Space, The Terrace
In a week of meet-ups Young Lions (aka. young talents) will have the opportunity to join engaging sessions to get inspired, solve problems, vent their opinions and make meaningful connections amongst each other and with professionals of the industry. As experts in crafting engaging and collaborative experiences our team of Mischief Makers designed those sessions to stimulate conversations and work together towards some tangible takeaways.
Check out our piece on last years workshops to read more about the principles used.

For each hot topic, the ever amazing Cannes Young Lions team Piotr and Steve have hooked us up with an expert speaker. Facilitated by Miss Chiefs Emily and Merle, with insights from this illustrious lineup of Industry Leaders- each session will be an interactive tour through subjects that matter exploring actions to be taken. Peaked your interest? Take a sneak peak and hit us up if you’re there and want to take part.

13:00–13:30 | MEET UP Young Lions: Netwrkwrkwrkwrkwrk
Emily Hinks — Founder, CEO, Mischief Makers
Stefanie Sword-Williams — Founder, f**k being humble

Networking doesn’t have to be an awkward pursuit, far from that it can be a hell of a lot of fun. Especially in a place like Cannes. It brings tons of inspiration, opens up opportunities and if you’re very lucky can even pave the way to new work. Connect with like minded movers and makers through this interactive session to kick you off on the best foot forward. We’ll be practicing the art of authentic networking, ready to leave this week with a load of new professional pals.

13:00–13:30 | MEET UP Young Lions: You can’t/CAN Sit Here / a session around diversity and its power
Emily Hinks — Founder, CEO, Mischief Makers
Dayoung Yun, Creative Director -R/GA London

Thankfully, across the industry companies are finally realising diversity is the magic behind the best and most innovative work. Let’s admit it — many departments often look pretty homogeneous. We’re here to explore how to shake that up, and bring people from different backgrounds, with different perspectives into the mix for good. Be it race, gender, socioeconomic background and all in between — let’s come together to tackle adversity and promote diversity from every angle.

15:00–15:30 | MEET UP Young Lions: Finding a Mentor / why it’s important to find a mentor/ benefits from having one
Emily Hinks — Founder, CEO, Mischief Makers
Jacqui Canney, Chief People Officer — WPP

In the Creative Industry, more than most, there are many routes to success; both conventional and non-conventional. So when there’s no ‘one right way’ paving your career path can seem daunting. Mentors can help you find your way, share learnings, knowledge, perspective and network to boost your journey to success.Not only that, but they greatly value your input through nifty reverse mentoring. Ideal right? We all want one! In this meetup we explore not only how mentorships can work, but also how you can go about finding your own Yoda.

13:00–13:30 | MEET UP Young Lions: Balancing Brilliant vs Burnt-out (how to be brilliant and not burn out!)
Emily Hinks — Founder, CEO, Mischief Makers
Bruce Daisley, VP EMEA — Twitter

We’re all trying to live our best lives. Work hard -play hard… or often, work hard — work hard. Millennia's have had a pretty unfair rep for being lazy, but the reality is, thanks to epic workloads and always-on expectations — we’re facing the highest ever rates of burnout. In this meet-up we’ll explore what burnout actually is, why it’s so prevalent, how to spot it — and most importantly, how to stay well clear of it (while still being your brilliantly driven hardworking selves)!

13:00–13:30 | MEET UP Young Lions: Not Just Surviving But Thriving (how to thrive in the creative environment)
Emily Hinks — Founder, CEO, Mischief Makers
Eva Santos, Chief Creative Officer — Proximity

You’ve worked your way into your dream job, you’re into your first steps to success. But hold up — navigating the world of work, politics, time-management, career manoeuvring is not an easy feat. Once you have your foot in the door how do you thrive? How do you understand the inner workings of agency life and pave out the best path in your chosen field? Join us to explore personal development, effective communication and professional networking without the cringe factor.

A pretty fabulous spread eh? We think so too.

If you’re there, hit us up…

  • 💡… to attend one of our sessions.
  • 🍹 … to grab a drink and have a chat.
  • 🕵️‍♀️ … if you’re facilitator. We’d love to talk to you for an interview throughout the week.

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We love adding mischief to conferences.

With our expertise of making gatherings of people enjoyable, engaging and effective it makes sense that our journey is extending from giving workshops to designing programs to collaborating with conferences. After having re-designed and hosted round tables and hosting stages at The Next Web Conference 2019 and co-created new formats like this at Cannes Lions and for the Innovation Awards, we see more and more opportunities arising.
If you’re interested in this work and/or want to get involved, feel free to reach out.

For now we hope you’re ready for when the mischief hits Cannes. ✨
Merci and à bientôt!



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