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Networking à la Mischief: Cannes Lions Meet Ups 2018

Cannes Lions is one of the most significant festivals of creativity in the world. With over 16,000 attendees and 1,000 speakers the five-day event is considered the largest gathering of the advertising and creative communications industry- thats a whole load of creative magic in one place! The program is filled with inspiration, insights, meetings (with rosé… in the sea) and of course talks from the brightest minds making it a one-of-a-kind environment to learn, network and celebrate. And as if this wasn’t enough the whole ‘fête’ happens in one hell of a place too: the sun kissed beaches of the south of france; Cannes! Needless to say, besides all the inspo, the seaside city and one or two fabulous parties make this quite a week.

When the Cannes Lions team asked us to host Meet-Ups for the Young Lions (aka. young talents) at the festival we were excited to jump on board (it’s hard work being flown to locations like this buuuut someone’s got to do it, right?). The meetups were organised to help bridge the gap between the industry and young talent: networking- but done right. And made with Mischief ;). As facilitation agency our expertise lie in crafting engaging and collaborative experiences, just like these. In a combination of ‘expert knowledge-sharing and short group work’ our topics were explored and discussed.

On our mission to make the meetups an excellent experience we focused on including 5 key design elements in every single one of them:

1- Energy
Creating an infectious, enjoyable atmosphere that people take with them after they leave.

2- Engagement
Every participant feeling included, active and contributing in a comfortable and accessible way. Promoting genuine conversation and engagement with the theme.

3- Tangible Takeaways
This isn’t just fluffy talk, or passive interest. Our inspiring speakers leave the participants with a learning, action or thought starter to take away with them. An invite to actively contribute with the power of the theme.

4- Connection
First and foremost, this is a meetup. A chance for delegates to connect with like minded people from the speakers to the fellow participants and this is something we actively facilitate and promote.

5*- Our own blend of playful Mischief
play, creativity, flair, collaboration and co-co creation, je ne sais quoi, uber productivity, roguery, devilry, originality, funny business

The program focused on topics that the Young Lions are passionate about and provided space for an open discussion with people on ‘the other side of the fence’ from young talent to industry leaders. On a mission to shake things up, adding Mischief to the meetups, our Miss Chief Emily led a workshop each day in collaboration with an expert for every topic.

MONDAY 18 JUNE, 12:30–13:00
YOUNG LIONS MEET UP: Girlbossing, Misschiefing, Leaning in
Host: Nicola

This conversation is still on the cards, with the recent pay gap figures and leadership percentages we’ve got to hustle up and take some action. Instead of dwelling in the badness and sadness let’s highlight tangible, inspiring and energizing ways we’re moving in the right direction. Where can we look for best practices, which women are acing role modelling, and which people are paving the way for change. What seeds of action can we plant or unlock within the next generation of trailblazers?

TUESDAY 19 JUNE, 12:30–13:00
YOUNG LIONS MEET UP: Goodvertising — Connect With the New Generation
Host: Robert Holzer, Founder, CEO, Matter Unlimited

The new generation seems to be less and less incentivised and allured by financial or even acclaimed success. Connection to a deeper purpose, societal, environmental and even political responsibility are high up on their list. They were brought up in a world they didn’t make decisions for — like the consumerist nature of advertising — can it last, and if not, what new practices will we see arising? How do we continue to connect and engage this new generation in this field of work.

WEDNESDAY 20 JUNE, 12:30–13:00
YOUNG LIONS MEET UP: New Creative Talent
Host: Adrianne C. Smith, Managing Partner, Vision Corps Media Group

We’re championing the need for diversifying the industry, bringing in people from different backgrounds, with different perspectives to create impactful work. Here we want to explore how new creative talent can discover, break into, and navigate the creative industry. Showcasing that there are conventional and non-conventional routes to success.

THURSDAY 21 JUNE, 12:30–13:00
YOUNG LIONS MEET UP: Creative Explorers — Recalibrate Your Creative Career!
Hosts: Lindsay Lamb, Senior Copywriter, Associate Creative Director, Freelancer; Emily Hinks, Founder, Mischief Makers

It’s become common place for people to switch between jobs and roles, at a more rapid pace than ever before, particularly amongst new talent. Sheryl Sandberg hit the nail on the head describing modern careers not as a ladder, but a jungle gym. How should agencies and individuals reconfigure themselves to form productive and mutually valuable relationships in this new paradigm?

FRIDAY 22 JUNE, 12:30–13:00
YOUNG LIONS MEET UP: The “Multidisciplinary” Creative
Host: Sam Saunders, CCO, Writer, Sam Saunders Creative, Inc

We’re seeing a face-off between the old saying ‘Jack of all trades master of none’ and the rise of proud ‘Multipotentialites’. With industries merging and roles fusing (and job titles becoming obsolete?) it’s more important than ever to get to grips with ‘multidisciplinary talent’. We need to understand, on both sides of the table, what we’re bringing, how to express it and where to utilise it best.

And what a week it was! Over 200 delegates joined and actively contributed to the sessions.

Looking back at our mission to connect young lions with experienced professionals — engage genuine conversations around IRL issues and work together towards some tangible takeaways we feel proud: measured by sparking ideas, levels of laughter and business cards exchanged it was a success all around!

À bientôt, Cannes!

We’ll be back for spreading mischief, one meetup at a time.




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