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Misfit Lab Reading Group

This is a self-directed list of suggested readings from the Misfit Lab.

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Introduction. There is a long history of disabled and non-disabled people using (and designing and developing) technology to assist and augment people’s lives. What are some of the ways technology can assist disabled people? How might one use technology to support access needs in communities? How does our understanding of disability change the ways in which we might design and develop technology? This reading group explores research on creating supportive technology for communities of disabled and non-disabled people.

Reading List

Week 1: Intro to Disability & Tech

Disability Studies as a Source of Critical Inquiry for the Field of Assistive Technology, ASSETS 2010

Understanding Mental Ill-health as Psychosocial Disability: Implications for Assistive Technology, ASSETS 2019

Week 2: Assistive Technology

(In)Visibility in Disability and Assistive Technology, TACCESS 2017

“Wear It Loud”: How and Why Hearing Aid and Cochlear Implant Users Customize Their Devices, TACCESS 2018

Week 3: Disability & Games

“Will I always be not social?”: Re-Conceptualizing Sociality in the Context of a Minecraft Community for Autism, CHI 2016

Understanding and Addressing Real-World Accessibility Issues in Mainstream Video Games, ASSETS 2014*

*suggest checking out the XBOX accessible controller as it was a direct result of this work

Week 4: Working with Disability & Communities

Interdependence as a Frame for Assistive Technology Research and Design, ASSETS 2018

“I am just terrified of my future” — Epistemic Violence in Disability Related Technology Research, CHI 2020

Bonus Readings

Gender HCI, Feminist HCI, Post-Colonial Computing, Anti-Oppressive Design, and Design Justice

ARMY’s Magic Shop: Understanding the Collaborative Construction of Playful Places in Online Communities

Agency of Autistic Children in Technology Research — A Critical Literature Review, TOCHI 2019

“It’s Complicated”: Negotiating Accessibility and (Mis)Representation in Image Descriptions of Race, Gender, and Disability




We are a team of interdisciplinary researchers and designers focused on care and access. Find out more about us https://www.misfit-lab.com/

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Kate Ringland

Ph.D., Informatics @ UC Santa Cruz, @liltove, ethnographer, tech researcher, teacher, disability advocate - https://kateringland.com

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