MisinfoCon: Update on applications, invitations and deadline

MisinfoCon has struck a nerve.

Photo by Flickr user 3dpete via CC

Since our initial announcement just 10 days ago, we’ve received an incredible number of applications to attend. We’re blown away by the steady stream of offers from people who want to contribute in some way. Our hope is that MisinfoCon will connect several similar conversations together and build momentum toward creative and collaborative solutions.

So, on that note, a few quick updates:

  • The first round of invitations to register will go out today. We are prioritizing people who have expressed that they’ll attend for the full event and are making selections to assure a diverse audience. Keep an eye on your inbox for an email from Jeanne Brooks or Phillip Smith with a link to complete your registration.
  • With space for 150 people and almost double that number of applications, not everyone is going to be able to attend in person. Knowing that, we’re working on a plan to ensure that there are many ways to engage with the conversation before the event here on Medium. We will also work on quick turnaround video from sessions which are public and are looking into livestreaming.
  • If you’ve applied to come from outside of the United States and asked for travel support, we’ll need to ask your patience because it will take us a bit more time to assess these applications in the context of a finite travel budget. At the moment, we’re prioritizing supporting as many people as possible with small stipends, then we’ll review international travel requests.
  • Last but not least, the deadline for applying to attend MisinfoCon is Feb 13. If you know people who you think should be there, please ask them to submit a 30-second application online.

Many people have emailed to ask how they can help. Here are two quick and easy ways to contribute to MisinfoCon’s success:

  • We’ll need volunteers to help with room setup and teardown, as well as registration and a few other things. If you’ve applied and you’d like to offer some time as a volunteer, please drop us a note at misinfocon+volunteers@gmail.com.
  • To maximize the impact of our limited travel budget, we are giving fixed travel stipends across many people. Let’s work together so we can ensure as many people as possible have what they need to attend. If you’re driving to Cambridge and would like to offer a ride or room share, please make a note of it here. And if you’re looking for a room share or a ride, post a note in the same doc.

Thank you for your excitement and interest in being a part of the first MisinfoCon (and also for your patience as we work our way through applications and travel request).

Given the incredibly talented and diverse set of people who’ve applied, we are confident this event will be a powerful home for new solutions to misinformation and disinformation.