A New beginning.

We meet again, after what seems like ages. It’s been quite sometime since I penned down my thoughts, but alas, the temptation was too much to resist this time. So here you go, read on.

A lot has changed since the last time you stepped in to this neck of the “Medium” woods. I quit my first job, spent a couple of months at home ( read as eat, sleep and repeat ) and also managed to get myself in to a great B-School in my country.

So it’s been close to three weeks that I have spent here. And I have picked up a lot of things, some personal, some professional, but all useful. If you have been patient enough to read until this point, I sincerely hope that I don’t disappoint you from here on!

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B-School makes you eat humble pie!
This can’t be reiterated enough. Whatever you thought you knew, well , turns out everybody knows. There is very little special about you once you have stepped in to such a competitive environment, apart from the fact that you have managed to get into one. This was a differentiating factor until now, but however, for everyday that you spend on campus after this, it shall remain a hygiene factor.

There are going to be days where you end up asking yourself whether you really belong here. There will be lecture sessions which will sail over your head. There are going to be projects, of which you know not of head or tail. But remember, you have managed to get this far. Keep telling yourself that you aren’t an anomaly. Tell yourself that you ain’t a statistic. You deserve the right to be there, and while there, exercise it!

You aren’t going to get along with everyone, period.
You might have always had this mental picture in your mind after looking at various brochures during your preparation that all of us are going to be one big happy family. Long story short, it’s all a myth. You will not get along well with everyone. As simple as that.

Alpha males everywhere!
There are some of us who prefer staying back in the dark, not wanting any credit while there are some who believe that the limelight is rightfully theirs. While there is nothing wrong in having such an outlook, it almost always augurs poorly with the general crowd. While in a group, it is essential that there be one or two leaders, but assume a case when all ten of them seek to be the man in charge. What we are left with is a restless mob. And trust me, something like that can only do more harm than good. 
Also, I’d like to put it this way, “Voices reason while opinions argue”.
It might also occur to you personally that you are above and beyond all the Alpha male therapy, but its in times like these that it is essential for you as a person to stand up. Not necessarily by matching your vocal cords to theirs, but by standing up for what you believe in. Trust me, there will be times when all that you have stood for all your life will be questioned, and the man that remains after the storm has blown over shall reign supreme in the end.

Lifelines will be made available to you, keep your eyes open.
As much as the negativity that I have laid out up until now, it’s not all that bad a journey. There will be times where you will make some really deep personal connections with people. They are going to be your family and lifelines for the next few years and the time after that. While you would be tempted to force your hand and go out in search for the same, essentially what happens is that you just gel well without trying hard, if at all there is such a thing. And you will not know how the awesome relationship you share, started off in the first place, but surely you will realize sooner or later that it is indeed special.

There are a lot of things that happen above and beyond what I have already said. But you know, it’s only been three weeks here and this is all that has stayed with me. I am sure I could have dropped in a few lines about the classes and the pedagogy, about the hostels and the mess, about the lawns and the buildings, but at the end of it all, hopefully that’s not what I shall remember when I leave this place.

Until then, 

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