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Letter sent on Sep 23, 2016

A Small Update From This Small Universe On Medium

I got a notification this other day. It was a reminder that Misplaced Identity had reached 500 followers!

For a little context, I never thought this pub could get this many followers, at least not in this short space of time. In this other post, which was sort of an introduction to the pub, I wrote that all I needed was a place to publish with little constraints due to time and other things. And recently we’ve had a number of people interested in reading our work.

Seeing that this pub has grown so far, it only makes me happier to share this with all the writers who have submitted their work, and for your support in all we’ve done.

At the same time, I’m conflicted as to what can be done going forward, not forgetting that we have a lune prompt in the way, because currently I edit the publication on my own.

So, as it goes I’d have to ask at some point, for anyone who can help as editor, given that the submissions have gone out of hand. But currently, the submission rate has been quite steady.

In celebration

The publication has a new look to celebrate the 500. This is partly in thanks to the recent changes to publications by Medium. The background image doesn’t eat up a whole lot of space now, and we can freely give showcase to the posts (which is actually what matters if you think about it).

We hope to continue having the same reception going forwards. Maintaining the excitement we had when we started. With more diverse works from the realms of sci-fi, fantasy, and even romance.

Remember, if you want to submit a post, or to be added as a writer, you can do so by visiting the How To Submit Page. Still as open as can ever be.

(And yes, we celebrated when we got our first hundred)


— Zac