About Misplaced Identity

Every once in a while, we feel like expressing ourselves in a way that satisfies us. A way that breathes life into our imaginations and calls us to dream some more and make better things, and sometimes we want a place to unfurl whatever’s huddled up inside us.

Misplaced Identity is a place to express that through fiction, poetry, non-fiction; words that are to be seen by those who find grace in them.

What do we want?

Creative pieces, short stories, flash fiction, poems and non-fiction.

That’s all we ask. We understand there might be a desire to share listicles and other pieces but a good number of places are home to self help articles throughout Medium.

Whether you have a science fiction, dystopian, horror, fantasy, adventure, thriller story, or more. Feel free to share with us. Your words are needed.

If you want to become a writer, visit our How To Submit page from the top menu.

Cheers and be well.