So I went to work today and I was just, just sitting in the office, when I looked out of the window and, and there was a bird just falling down from, from a branch of the tree that’s right there. And, and I don’t know why, but when I saw that I, I just stopped working and just sat there for maybe, like, a minute or two and I was thinking about how, how I had always thought that, you know, I would work to live, but, but then it, it just turned out that life is just that, it’s, it’s just working, like, all the time, and I, I wondered what it all is for then. Because, you know, if this is all, then, then what’s the point? So, so I, I was just sitting there and just felt the most, like, profound sadness I’ve, I’ve ever felt in my life. I don’t know, it was maybe like when, when you were born and just, just spat out from the womb and the people around you, they were just, they were just telling you, no more floating around in a juice sack, now you, you have to, you have to go out there and, and just, just do things. But the things you can do they’re, like, meaningless and don’t, don’t even make any sense and, and when you realise that, you just, you just can’t go on anymore. I don’t know. And, and then I think I, I must’ve heard maybe, like, a bus honking from, from somewhere, and then I was waking up, basically, and, and tried to, to push down one of the keys on the keyboard in front of me, but I just, I just couldn’t do it. It was like, like I just didn’t have the, the physical strength to push it down. Like I was trying to force a mountain into the ground, but of course that’s impossible. So I, I gave up and I just walked outside to the convenience store at the corner and, and bought some ice-cream to just eat it in the park nearby. And when I got there, I was just, just sitting on a bench, looking at the sky and, and thinking.

Then he stops. And she looks at him while hiding her lips behind the oversized coffee mug in her hands.

That’s, like, pretty dada, dude.

They sit in silence and, separately, together, contemplate. It’s slowly getting dark, but nothing else is changing. Dusk washes over them.

Then they spend the rest of the night having sex (seven times; they both make sure to remember the exact number), talking about Camus and their childhood fears, and listening to old vinyls. Like this, they let the hours pass.

When morning comes, they feel a sudden need for sleep. It’s like a wave, swallowing them whole.

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