Your bruises, your cry. Why do you hide? I hit my fist and my head high. Am I the monster humanly disguised flickering from one then to the other growling & fighting in the eleventh hour when my modesty sucked into by the mortar in the wall we both made it high. Take that leap of faith & breathe her into your lungs; you might reach the other side. O no!! It’s a black hole into my own plight. Look there ahead maybe it’s a window. Run, run, run catch the daylight before the darkness eats you alive. What happened? It’s a treadmill; I am running on the same tide where my feet breaks the water like the atoms of her trust decided to let me drown & now the window dwells above the fine line where my past backfires to freeze my sight. Amidst the time as I was losing my grip there across the window; yes it’s her talking to the guy sipping cup of coffee on the farther side. And then they talk about their life. What did I hear? He is whispering the same things as we both did together. It’s like some dejavu. I need to freeze this trust of water so I can slide and escape through the window before my past overshadows my future and locks me here in this dead centre. But wait. What’s happening? He hugged her into his arms. That’s exactly me but I didn’t do the same. She is happy; she smiles but what about me. O my princess. Please don’t go away. I love you. I really do. That’s not me; please baby come back to me. In the drowning water tears rolled first through the left eye and then they disappear like they have lost their way to merge with huge sea that is not so hidden yet so hidden and my throat full of voices urging to shout finally gulps water little by little. We shouldn’t have built the wall so high; wish you had shown me your bruises, wish you had shown me your cries.

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