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By the Time…

By the time you are reading this 
I try to imagine 
It'll be late by a bit 
I'll probably have kids 
The bunch of nitwits 
Running around disturbing my peace

By the time you are reading this 
I'd have already dropped the mic 
Like a hot agenda 
I'll talk about my gender 
Though rough outside 
Inside I've always been tender

By the time you are reading this 
I’ll been long gone 
Far away from home 
Somewhere I can be alone 
Where the heart is, there I belong
Understand this 
 blood is not the thickest of them all

By the time you are reading this 
In the light there shall lay my deeds
And all will draw to see 
Judging me accordingly, at least they'll believe 
Persecute where necessary 
Appraise where need be

I want to know
what will you think of me?

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