Death of a leader

A knave exalted, a trouble-maker and howling gibbon 
borne aloft astride mercurial masses of fools, 
their ecstasy
and self-defeating prejudices;
a cunning speculator in sense and stupidity 
planning, plotting to his own ends
through their petty means: 
snatched from the jaws of disgrace
by an assassin both saintly and satanic. 
Deception was darkened, falsehoods became facts, 
vice turned to virtue and vice versa;
he was gifted charisma, the undeserving martyr 
destined to remain, immovable, a solid shadow,
a race’s chains,
with a claim to sordid and shallow fame — 
whom none dared blame
for the flames of engulfing hatred
that separated
the dim-witted from their victims:
an ideal against which none dared rebel,
a beacon of dark devilment,
a stumbling-block to progress,
a curse become the cure
and an abomination.
Moan, the bereaved!

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