Hey Mind ,Stop thinking


There is this sudden urge in me to write , to create , to produce something so beautiful that I get completely lost in it. The kind of thing where I lose track of time , sense of hunger and this dark world . I want to engross in something so deeply that nothing affects me , I want to feel it , I want to absorb it with every inch of my being .

I crave for that feeling when I have absolutely no time to THINK.

Think of all the love I need.

Think of all the freedom I seek .

Think of all the pain I have endured.

Think of all those feelings that I hide .

Think of all those places I’d rather be .

Think of all those people who were mine.

Think of all those things which I lost .

Think of the pretty future which never comes true .

Think of the unrealistic goals which lowers my self-esteem .

Think of being a monster.

Think of killing me.

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