in my mind float impressions
of a life surreal
asserting its authenticity
if only to me

a teardrop pendant
held tight in tiny fingers
flickering, sparkling
draped on mama’s neck

climbing aboard
a sprawling back yard tree,
pirate ship or Noah’s ark
transport to another world

wild emotions overwhelm
anger shrieks and roars
sorrow sobs and bellows
frustration screams and stabs

memories and feelings whisper
tell me I am real
insist that I exist
pushing through numbness

your faces are distorted

the floor slants dangerously

yesterday is blurry

or was that the day before

when we were packing
rushing to leave Green Lake
on time, never succeeding

was that real

did that happen

do you remember

memories dissolve
fade with age
battered by anxiety
muddling reality
like a crack in the wall

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