Nonsensical Dreams Of A Wandering Mind

Be Warned. Here Be Monsters.

Dreams of a disturbing nature. Nothing new. There was a meeting. I was ill. Before the meeting I was walking along a grass verge next to a road with somebody. He kept on bumping into me and putting his arm across me as he tried to take the lead. I’m not sure if we were racing. We were not. I cannot remember who he was. Someone I definitely knew. A man-child I think. Possibly a hybrid between an obscure childhood school acquaintance and a current acquaintance who is a colossal brat of a child. Even though he is in his late twenties. We ended up playing a game of football on an open grass field. I think one of my students was playing up front. I was playing behind him. I wasn’t feeling well. We had a free kick and I ended up with the ball and I took a shot at goal. I am not sure what happened next. I think I was back at the meeting explaining that the only reason I was at the meeting was because of the Formula 1 race at the end. Actually, I was explaining this to someone before the meeting. We got to the race and I enjoyed myself. Throttling around an imaginary track at high speed, competing against strangers and acquaintances. I didn’t win. I don’t think I was upset. It was then late at night and I think I had a dream within a dream. I dreamt of being underwater and lots of little helpless creatures, minnows or tadpoles, organising to trap a large terrorising predator. They used a net and lured it in. All their little movements then added together to trap the beast and wrap it tight. They left it to dry out in the low tide against a rock. I saw it happen at time-lapse speed. It dried out and part of it turned into a spider or beetle. It cut itself free then decided to retreat. I watched it begin to burrow back into the earth and it was reborn as another predator. Then I was back in my human existence, post-meeting and pre-party. X was hosting a party of some description. It ended up relocating to another house half a mile away though. I think it was my grandparents’ old house. We were tossing cards at a board in the back garden. It was getting quite competitive. Coloured blobs would appear on the board as it was struck. The coloured blobs would have a perfectly typed number in the middle of them on the board which would correspond to the points awarded. I didn’t win. The person I was playing against cleverly cheated by throwing his projectile at an object on the wall of the house which had the number “8” written on it. This gave him an unbeatable lead. I tried. But I failed. Then I think my wife messaged me. She had stayed at home because she wasn’t well. She wanted to join us. She ended up walking round even though I thought she would have driven. She asked me where we were and I thought I had replied. It turned out I hadn’t. She ended up turning up quite late. I then checked my phone and it was on airplane mode with 10% battery and my response to her hadn’t been sent. I must have been distracted. She had asked whether we were at X’s. I was going to reply “yes”. I glad it didn’t send. We weren’t at X’s at all. I must have been distracted. She somehow fathomed where we were. Q also wanted to join us. He ended up coming through the back during the game I mentioned earlier. When the evening was drawing to a close I headed for the toilet which was next to the front door. I let Z go ahead of me. When I did eventually get in to the toilet, I was transported to a large department store or library toilet. It was very comfortable but I slowly realised there were windows for looking in. It was subtle, but I was in a room not designed for privacy. I tried to lower and angle myself as I spotted onlookers. I eventually got out. After the event at my grandparents’ house, I ended up heading for a familiar bar with Q. It would be open until 2am. Perhaps it wasn’t familiar. Perhaps I had recently discovered it and I wanted to feel like it was a normal thing to go to the nightclub. I wanted to belong. Or something.

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