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Our Wonderland

This is where it all started.

Running around all day, chasing each other under the dazzling sun, in the heat of the summer. We neglected our tired bodies and all we wanted to do was to enjoy and seize the day.

In our wonderland, it was where we uncovered and discovered ourselves, allowing the deepest secrets fall out of our mouths. This is where we learned what trust means and it’s where we practised it. A smile was always present on everyone’s face. We felt like conquerors when we entered the uninhabited houses.

Innocent and young, that’s what we were, laughing our asses off with our made-up jokes, we never seemed tired of it.

This is where we witnessed ourselves gradually becoming like each other and that’s when we realised we were a family. We were filled with curiosity and driven by it that we reached the restricted lands. Also here, no rules and regulations could stop us, not even our parents’, as long as no one could see.

The songs that we sang are what I will always long to hear, though our voices were not perfect.

All the good times have left us scarred, it has left scars that will constantly remind us of the freedom of a kid and the memories that are now just a part of our past. A reminder of who we were.

Back when we were kids, when our actions were not dictated by the society. It’s when we could eat all we wanted for we didn’t fear to gain weight. Those were the times when we played the silliest games and we didn’t fear any judgements. The days I long to relive, to once more experience a life free of expectations, criticisms, and responsibilities. We didn’t let opinions change us.

In our wonderland, the green fields were what we explored, not the internet on our phones. It’s where real connection exists — not through Facebook, Twitter, or Skype — but by the bond we all have.

But it’s also where I last saw your faces, your smiles, you. That’s where we said our last goodbyes.

The place where it all started is also the place where everything came to an end.

Our wonderland is now only a memory of the past.

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