Political Mayhem

Photo by PIxabay

In today’s instant world, we get news instantly, we get texts instantly, and we get politics instantly. Facebook has given people a voice who before did not feel they had one. Instagram, Flickr, and Twitter allows you also instant information on the latest everything. I am not coming down on social media, but I am coming down on the people on social media who do not respect other people.

In an instant gratification world people feel free to splat the internet with immense amounts of dribble. With what is going on today in America I empathize with so many. It was taking a toll on me and I haven’t checked my Facebook in days and I honestly do not miss it, not even a smidge.

Dribble is being spilled all over my online world and I cannot deal with the hate. I tried being the rock to start a positive reaction and was slammed for it. I realize I am a small individual in a vast world, but I have always felt I could do some good until this election chaos. People have ended best friend relationships, marriages, long term relationships, and disowned family!! You cannot disown your family, they are now, then, and always will be your family. Why can you not talk to a family member with respect and an open mind and listen? You do not need to agree now or ever, but they are family. I do realize people do end family relationships and it breaks my heart.

Friends are dissolving their long term friendships over politics and as with family I wonder why we cannot all just sit and talk. Why does one feel they need to get loud? There is a John Mayer song that says has anyone been won over by someone shouting their beliefs. Volume means nothing! Quality and quantity of information wins here and with families. There are ways to discuss any subject with grace and decorum and respect each other. Open minds and hearts are needed and there is where society fails. We all have to be right, we all know the facts, and we all will not listen to nonsense, which to others is important and not nonsense.

Instant dribble on my keyboard makes me sick. I have not even been online much lately. No TV, no radio, nothing. I know what is going on in the world. People are being attacked mentally and physically across this great nation for their beliefs and their skin color, and their words. Why did our families so many generations come to this country? Didn’t they want to escape persecution? Didn’t they want to voice their opinions freely without being gunned down for them? So much hate just makes breaks me down to a puddle of tears.

In today’s world I have to wonder what the world is coming to. I know social media is giving people a voice who feel they do not matter, that they do not have one, but it is also giving a voice to all the evil, hate, and violence of the world. I believe our forefathers did not expect elections to raise such numerous negative matters.

So what is the fix? Well I think for one everyone, everyone’s voices, need to be respectful of each other. We are grown ass people for crying out loud. Listen with open ears and have compassion, show grace, and by all means respond respectfully. Let us come together as a nation with the dignity and voice of an intelligent human being. It does not matter who you are for, at this point it matters that you are hurting each other, you are trying to stifle each other and telling people their voices do not matter.

Moving forward we still have social media. We still have ignorant people. We still have people who believe A or B and we believe C and D,but we can learn from each other. Maybe the instant gratification does not let people process their thoughts and those people need to work on their social skills, but in the end we are all just human. Skin color doesn’t matter, social class does not matter, location in the USA does not matter, what matters is that we are all in this together. Think of it as a marriage: For better or worse!!

Maybe today I will return to Facebook, though I doubt it. The hate was eating me alive. I was leaving social media to sit and stew. I was crying every time I signed off.It was slowly shredding my heart into a million pieces. I hope in this world of instant everything that maybe after reading this you give that person with an opinion you disagree with, maybe you can actually deep listen and perhaps at least understand where this person is coming from.

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