The Cyborg

I gaze into your eyes, 
And darkness is all you see, 
For death has encompassed me.

The world that I once knew 
Has been ripped and torn 
Into the darkness of still-born 
Horror that will never leave 
My constrained reality 
Of computerized torment and calamity.

I move without mercy; 
I stop for none 
As I inhale death into my 
Lifeless soul of what I once was.

Vengeance is mine says my desire 
As I inflict my torturous rage 
On all that created me, 
Transforming me, 
Into this metallic life form 
Of a once human being.

My wrath has yet to be seen, 
For let the truth be known 
 — I am the one that made me.

Cyborg by K. Saitta © 2014, A Walk In Verse

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