Think Bitch Think!!!

Warning: You are about to enter the brain of a junky. Read ahead at your own discretion. People who have any fucking issue with colorful language should not read any further. Pussy !!!

This sucks. Next time I will be more careful about what I wish for. What in the hell was I thinking? No junk mails!!! Damn this mail guy. I think I was addicted to these mails all this time and was not aware. Someone has rightly said we don’t realize the value of what we have. I used to get at least something in my mailbox daily. Now it lies barren. What harm were those mails causing me? Someone needs to kick my ass. I will put a reminder for that and make a list of candidates who will be apt for this holy job. This shitty thing would not have happened if I would have ignored that asshole boyfriend of mine. Anyways, I will have to break up with him for giving me such a horrible idea.

Let me think what exactly went wrong that night that made me take such a nonsensical step. As far as I remember, I was not high. Or was I? Shit man I need my dose of weed. I can’t even think straight. Not even a single penny of thought is moving straight in my head. Ah ha, so that means I was high. Nah stupid, it means I was high yesterday. Why is this so hard to remember? Now where the fuck has he kept my weed. Let me call him.

*tring tring* *tring tring* *tring tring*

“Am I talking to asshole’s answering machine? Dude, why don’t you get a life? Stop taking my weed and stop stealing stuff? This is not funny. All your chuckles will go away cause I am gonna dump you. Seriously fuck you!”

Did I just break up with him over answering machine? Yeah, I guess. Anyways where is my weed? I must have hidden some stash in my fucked up dungeon. Even a cigarette will do, but I need some smoke in my lungs. These addictions are a total pain in the ass. Shit, I just remembered I left my pack above the flush in the toilet. Should I call him and unbreak up. Nah, first let me blow up some smoke. It will help me in thinking straight. Oh fuck, this is bliss. I think I just made two triangles while exhaling. This isn’t working yet, I need more. It should have been two circles, not the triangles, squares or fucking hexagons. I should try diamonds.

Ya so where were we. I need to discuss two things my precious junk mails and my junk filled boyfriend. As for the fucking boyfriend, I already broke up with him. But my weed was here only, in my home. That means, it was not his fault. Whatever, he has done a lot of stupid stuff in past. He deserved it. I will call him later and patch up his sobbing ass. So most important thing, why did I ask my mail guy to stop my junk mails. And why did I unsubscribed all my useless letters and notifications? Oh yeah, I shifted all the card and bank related notification to my email junk. I remember that. My Inbox is full nowadays. Wow, that was a good holy drag. I need one more. Whose stash is it, doesn’t looks mine? Shit, it’s his, I borrowed it last night. Anyways why hasn’t he called yet? Did he meet that bitch ex of his? I am gonna kill her and him and all his ex. Focus baby focus. Ok, so some junk mails are in my Inbox. *phew* What a relief. I need to ask mail guy not to put any more filters while delivering my mails. I need my junk mails back. I need the my mailbox filled with crap. It used to make me feel busy and useful. Someone out there gave a fuck about where I live and sent me something. Shit man I still don’t remember why did I stop it in the first place. I need one more drag. He won’t mind. I don’t care anyways.


Fuck this is awesome. He has good taste. I need to note the number of this dealer. I am a useless crap. Need to focus. Why did I stop the junk mails? Ummm. Why on earth will I do that? I seriously need his dealer’s number, god these are awesome. Let me open my brain to level Sherlock. So I was upset about something. That asshole told me not to be. Why would I be upset and how is it linked with junk mail? Until…. until I was pissed off on something in the junk mail. Was I high? Obviously, why else would I cut my dosage of junk mails? I need to read that crap daily. Empty mailbox makes me feel empty. As if no one gives a fuck about me. My boyfriend is also useless. Oh my ex-bf now. The fucked up junky filled with only junk in his brain. Oh crap, I remember now, it was something related to junk. *euuuu* Now I remember why I was pissed off. I will ask mail guy to put only one filter. No more junk mails related to junk enlargement. Penis enlargement is not what I need. What I need is my junk mails to be enlarged. I need my sleep now. Sleep you Sherlock Bitch.

For long time I was a consumer. Reading through this sea of articles, on medium. I always wondered if I could ever write as good as what I read. Last year I started my struggle with writing. It is amazing to put down thoughts and let your stories flow where they wish to go. I have recently started writing articles, that I think can be published :) I am still searching for my style and genre.
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