Misplaced Identity has come a long way in short time. Our recent milestone is reaching 100 persons subscribed to our ‘content’! All happy, willing, wonderful humans joining us in this small journey into the world of writing.

When I started, I barely thought anyone would care to be honest. In the sea of good publications out there, with some that have sadly seen their demise, Misplaced Identity didn’t seem like something anyone would care about.

I am so proud to say I was wrong.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, it wasn’t really a place I’d open up for everyone. Just place I wanted to submit my pieces of fiction. But I also saw a chance for other people to engage in the same way, so I called out for people that saw this in the same light.

A good number of people responded and we now have a couple pieces up for reading.

For your pleasure, here are some of the pieces submitted recently:

In this post I want to celebrate the invaluable people in our small corner on Medium. The readers (yes, you!) and both the writers that have submitted their work so far. Every writer wants to connect with people through their work, and readers are the single most important aspect of that. Every story exists for someone to read, which is the sole purpose to whatever it is we are doing here.

So thank you for all the hearts, comments, highlights and love. 100 is only the beginning.

Future Plans and Pieces

Not much will change in terms of direction for this publication. Hitting this milestone means a great deal to continue sharing the stories that we share.

There aren’t any grand plans outside the small request we have for more writers to share their work. If you’re one of those people, you know what it is you’ve got to do. With this community we’re looking for people who appreciate fiction, non-fiction and poems.

For a start, you can follow this journey here…

If you aren’t into writing right now, you can always check back for more pieces coming out. In the mean time, here’s to another hundred!