Dome BEAUTY proves commitment to diversity with an ‘amazing’ partnership

This rising cosmetics company places inclusive branding and social good at its foundation

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Not many people understand the importance of placing social good and diversity at the core of company values quite like Maribeth Pyne, the founder and CEO of dome BEAUTY. When she first set out to create a new makeup line for the modern woman, she knew that she wanted to speak to women from many different walks of life.

“I believe in equality for everyone,” Pyne said. “Everyone is beautiful and your race, gender, age and abilities just add to that beauty.”

While Pyne has always felt a calling to contribute to a greater social good through her entrepreneurial efforts, her commitment to diversity can also be traced back to her family life.

“My family is very diverse consisting of many mixed-race ethnicities but it also includes family members with disabilities. Specifically, my cousin who was born with Cerebral Palsy. She is fierce and never lets her disability stop her from accomplishing great things.”

For Pyne, beauty was found in the faces of her loved ones, so she wanted dome BEAUTY to be a brand in which they could see themselves reflected.

Her inclusive approach has paid off. Today, dome BEAUTY is a rising cosmetics brand that develops dynamic products and supports organizations that push society’s most marginalized women to the forefront.

Starting January 1, 2018, dome BEAUTY is taking their commitment to diversity to the next level. They’ll be teaming up with Miss Amazing to further incorporate those with disabilities in their brand imagery and to generate consistent support for the organization’s programs for girls and women with disabilities.

“I want everyone to embrace people based on who they are as a person, and women with disabilities have so much to offer as friends, colleagues and even models for dome BEAUTY,” Pyne explains.

On the first Monday of every month, ten percent of sales will be donated to Miss Amazing. In celebration of this special day of the month, dome BEAUTY will also be offering their mascara at a discounted price of $15 and a 20% discount when customers enter the discount code ‘AMAZING’ at checkout.

Pyne is an avid volunteer and fan of Miss Amazing and hopes that this monthly giving campaign, aptly named ‘Miss Amazing Mondays’, will be just the beginning of a longterm partnership.

“Every moment with Miss Amazing moves me,” Pyne says. “These girls {in the program} can stay in touch, support each other, and develop lifelong friendship. None of this would be possible without Miss Amazing!”

To shop dome BEAUTY and support Miss Amazing, go to

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