Build Your Email List: Effective Opt-In Placement

Of course, one of our goals is to maximize the amount of email subscribers we receive, considering that this is still’ one of the best ways to build a long term relationship with customers and clients, no matter which niche you decided to work in.

Yet, you might wonder where to place your opt-in form?

Here are some choices and tips on how to place your opt-in form to maximize its effectiveness:

1. Place multiple op-in forms onto your website.

Simply having one opt-in form, especially if it is only a pop-up, is not the most effective, because many people simply click away the pop-up, to finish reading what they are currently reading. Having another opt-in form on the sidebar for example though, gives the reader another chance to subscribe, even after their initial dismissal.

2. Don’t Forget Your About Page

If someone is looking at your about page, you probably already got their interest. Seal the deal by displaying a prominent opt-in form there.

3. Your Footer

While pop-ups and side bar options are the most used places for opt-in forms, the footer gives you another opportunity to seal the deal with someone who has already shown enough interest to scroll through your posts. Make it prominent to be effective.

4. At the bottom of every blog post.

For the same reason as described when I talked about the footer opt-in placement, this location takes advantage of those readers who have already shown significant interest in your content. Take advantage of that.

5. On your check out page

Do you sell products or services? Then do not forget to place your opt-in form on the check out page!

Bonus Tip:

Remember to solidify the trust you build with your new subscriber by giving regular updates, create new and exiting freebies, and stay in consistent contact with them — may it be via weekly newsletters, updates, or automated emails, you have pre-scheduled.

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