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Miss Frais NFT collection and Solana: don’t stop them now!

A review of the last couple of weeks

Surprise, surprise! Solana (SOL) has made it to the top 5in the overall crypto market, and its marketplace has reached a whopping 69,074,616,871 USD market cap.

Isn’t that amazing. Talk about high returns! That explains why more and more buyers have appeared and are looking into getting their hands on our gorgeous ladies from the Miss Frais collection.

Much more than minting NFTs

The truth is that Miss Frais NFT collection was never just about selling NFTs; from the start, Miss Frais’ team had much bigger plans.

In some ways, the same thing can be said about Solana Labs when talking about cryptocurrencies trends.

Miss Frais is more than a digital art collection; it is a movement.

Miss Frais Academy for Talented Artists

That’s why we want to bring to life Miss Frais Academy for Talented Artists.

Much like Miami becoming a crypto and NFT hub, we would like the Academy to be a talented artists’ hub, a powerhouse of creativity, joyful interaction, and, above all, a place of hell of a lot of talent.

One thing is certain — the NFT art space is beautiful, chaotic, and ever-growing. Yet, sometimes it can be a scary place for newcomers.

Where to start? How do you mint? Is your art good enough to sell? How to be under the spotlight in both the digital and physical art worlds?

These are just some of the questions that an artist may ask herself.

Answering these questions and supporting talented artists in their path towards living off as full-time artist is the core aim of the Miss Frais Academy.

This is especially true for under-represented artists, be those women or creators from countries that find themselves somewhat cut out from the art world mainstream.

Remember, Miss Frais is about creating a movement!

Miss Frais Haute Couture Society

Movements come in many ways and forms; they are not all violent — and just like many revolutions in the past, they have an icon. Not just a person — but more a symbol of a new way of looking into the world.

Maria Tokareva, the artist behind Miss Frais, is, without a doubt, a multi-faceted creator. She is a painter, a street artist, and now an NFT artist.

On top of that, she also was a model and even ran a fashion magazine.

She bridges the Miamian crypto community with the local and international art community thanks to her international background.

With that said, this brings us to Miss Frais Haute Couture Society, a stylish collective for all those who love art and fashion.

Future members will get VIP access to several perks: exclusive events, special sales of physical Miss Frais and other artworks, and benefits from Miss Frais-related projects.

Creating connections in the Cryptoverse

Both the NFT and the crypto world are flourishing. Nobody could deny that, as we see more and more projects popping up and more and more creators tokenizing their projects.

There is a crypto world out there, and the cool thing is that most of the time, people want to help others get better or just want to bring new collaborations to life.

Miss Frais is on top of all the latest trends; that is why the team is constantly invited to participate in some of the major crypto/blockchain events.

Miss Frais@ Solana Breakpoint (7th-10th November). Portugal. Lisbon

The first on the list is nothing less than Solana Breakpoint, a huge celebration of Solana’s fantastic community and its achievements so far.

As we said at the beginning of the article, Solana has been steadily climbing the crypto market ladder in the last months. And it’s not (just) about the market cap. It’s about having become a thriving community, able to undermine Ethereum’s dominance in the NFT and DeFi market.

The event was held in Lisbon, the European crypto hub, from the 7th to the 10th of November, and of course, Miss Frais’ team made its appearance!

Just check out how beautiful our superstar looks next to the DegenApe Academy.

Upcoming event: Loading Festival: NFT art week Miami Xibits (30th November)

Loading Festival is all about digital creativity, carving digital landscapes into a physical world.

“The project encourages digital wandering, feel the reliefs of internet expressions and the virtual world that manifests itself in real reality through exhibitions, workshops, chat meetings, open profile and performance. We are based in Miami; We are where there is the internet”

Upcoming event: DCentralcon (1st-2nd December)

Still in Miami, DCentralcon will be the most important DeFi and NFT event of the year.

The event will take place at the Miami Airport Conference Centre (MACC) over 2 floors and 89.000 square feet (yes, it’s going to be huge).

An exclusive NFT art gallery will be curated just for the event, and there will be a stage 100% dedicated to NFTs.

Make sure to keep in tune with our progress, and remember that you can always check our Roadmap on our Miss Frais website.



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