Stop redesigning and start creating

Redesigning a product means adapting to users needs or improving your solution. Creating a product means delivering a solution.

Redesigning what we shouldn’t

I don’t think there’s a single day on Dribbble without a redesign of Facebook, Imdb, Twitter, Netflix and probably every single digital network out there.

Why? No idea.

I could take a guess and say this happens because people using this products are either bored with the current interface, or they really found a problem that is bothering them.

If you are a junior designer and you think this is a good idea (for many reasons), think again. If your plan is to be a copy cat designer, redesigning the internet by changing fonts, architecture and colors is the best way to start your career.

But if you do want just something to practice your skills, try this:

Option1: Create a better product

It’s not as complicated as creating a new product, and it’s not as cheesy as redesigning the product everyone know, just to get some pixel love.

1. Start with the basic. 
 Ask yourself, what is Facebook, Twitter, “Product Name here” doing so good. So good that you want to make it more on your taste.

2. What problem are you solving? 
 Is your solution fixing a real problem? How many people can agree with you? Can your product be developed in that way?

3. Go for specifics. 
 Don’t create something for everybody. Remember that even now all this products are not for every users. Yes, in time they became popular and can be easily understood by new users, but that’s know how any of them started.

Option 2: Go crazy and create something unbelievable

If you really want to challenge yourself and the creative in you, do something that no one would do.

Create a street map for Mars, make an application that can drive your hoverbord or, why not, an application that tells you what you can cook by taking a picture of what you have in your fridge.

The possibilities are endless.

And you will learn a lot by doing this. Since no one has done this before, you will have to:

  1. Understand how people can use your product.
  2. What should they focus on when they are using your product?
  3. How will the information architecture look like?

This will be a lot more fun, and you will have more to show then just another redesign.

You need help doing this? Here’s a little guide for building digital products.

Have fun!

Originally published at on January 24, 2016.