Individual Curation
Andrew John Lim

Individual Curation (Feline)

This computer-generated graphic was done by cartoonist Eleanor Davis for The New York Times, and was featured in a blog post entitled: Trying To Live In The Moment (And Not On The Phone).

While technology has the immense power to bring people together and facilitate communication, one of the greatest problems that come along with it is how it has distanced us from the world beyond our screens — better known as reality.

The graphic that I chose depicts a lady oblivious to the beauty of nature that is all around her. As appealing as the warm red and yellow flowers may be, she is blinded by the cold and unfeeling light that is being emitted from her cellphone. The blank, blue space symbolizes a meaningless and lonely pursuit of life fulfillment through technology — something that we can really draw parallels from especially in the modern era of today.

The artist makes use of the colorblocking technique to grab attention at first glance. Simple as the design may be, the subjective meaning of the colors (red and yellow = invitation, blue = isolation) being allows a story to be told in a graceful and effective way.

This image was taken from the Facebook page of Channel News Asia, with the caption “Stay strong!”: Residents encourage PM Lee Hsien Loong as he takes his leave from the Ang Mo Kio tribute event for Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

In this image, PM Lee made his way down to the ground to personally thank Singaporeans — for their heartwarming show of support for the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew. From an ethical perspective, citizens should be observing greater sanctity in such a time of grief. And especially in the presence of the PM, they should pay less attention to whipping out their phone cameras to eternalize or share the moment, but instead, offer their sincerest and deepest thanks and condolences.

Absolutely everyone is caught up in their own world/activity that no one really notices the Prime Minister. This photograph truly encapsulates what it means to lose one’s self in the process of documenting events; of missing out on the crucial moments in life — caused by technology or otherwise.

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