Yuval Greenfield, Developer Relations at MissingLink

Hi, I’m Yuval. My job is “developer relations” at MissingLink, a hybrid and not too well known role, so let’s clarify a bit. This role is about connecting with software engineers to understand their needs, build a community, explore best practices, and solve hard problems with state of the art tools. This blog post will dive into who I am, what brought me here, and what exactly it is I do at MissingLink.


I was six when I first touched a computer. A very simple game called digger was all I could do with it, but it would be the beginning of a lifelong passion for games, software, and technology.

Throughout my career, I’ve focused on a variety of different programming languages and parts of the stack. I started out in a cybersecurity role for the Israeli Defense Forces. Mainly using Python for network applications and C (Win32) for application extensions. After this hard-core role, I joined a startup of a friend of mine because of an interesting premise:

Every year there are hundreds of millions inflicted with malaria, killing hundreds of thousands of which 65% are under 15 years old.

In this startup, we tried to build a better and cheaper diagnostic using computer vision to replace the existing manual process. This would literally save children. It was my first contact with machine learning and I loved it. The ability to take data embodying human experience and teaching a machine to replicate it was as empowering as my first “hello world”.

AI today is on top of a hype-wave, which I would say is well deserved. Our lives are dramatically changing for the better in many subtle and life-saving ways.

After the blood test passed its first clinical trials, I joined a small indie game company called Blizzard Entertainment to help build an all-time favorite game of mine called StarCraft. This was followed by a gig in a 360 camera startup.

Which brings us to today at MissingLink where I help AI companies do their deep learning faster, better, stronger. Not coincidentally our customers are companies that do amazing things like analyzing x-rays for detecting cancer, helping cities understand and serve their citizens better, and AI baby monitors that give parents peace of mind. You can hear more about MissingLink in this overview video I made:

You’re all caught up. That’s me. But what do I do?

Developer Relations

A nice definition from google’s dev blog:

Developer Relations are the canonical source of truth, both for 3rd party developers looking for documentation, best practices, and training, and for internal engineering teams who need to understand the thoughts and experiences of 3rd party developers, and to get candid technical feedback on their developer offerings.

At the core of my role is the engineers and data scientists that use the MissingLink platform. With our customers, potential customers and internal team I offer technical support, help guide our development to improve our product, help professionals use our products and in general push our field forward. For example, at ODSC East I’ll be discussing what we call “DeepOps” which is our push to modernize the deep learning tech stack and best practices.

I’m always looking for better ways to do what I’m doing. Whether it’s optimizing a neural network or the way I search which neural network I should be optimizing to begin with. Life is about obtaining data, extracting all we can out of it, and making smart decisions that make us better. That’s the journey I’m embarking on with MissingLink. Join me.




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