Day 42: Confession

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


“The ripping and writhing of a BODY on a cross, the bizarre metaphysical maneuver of using death to defeat death, the urgency of the summons to human beings to ally themselves to the events of CHRIST and with the PERSON of these events, and then to make that PERSON and those events the center of their lives — these things tell us that the main human trouble is desperately difficult to fix, even for GOD, and that sin is the longest-running of human emergencies.”
— Cornelius Plantinga, Jr.


We forget, always too often, that our mutiny cost our great MEDIATOR nothing short of HIS very life. The ONE who suspends the earth is suspended on a beam of wood. LIFE HIMSELF was swallowed up in our death. Our HEALER suffered all our infirmity. We live our lives in the long shadow of the cross of JESUS of Nazareth. It is right and good that we remember, confess, and repent of how we — not merely as victims of sin but lovers of it — have introduced chaos into shalom with GOD, others, ourselves, and our world. Our treason left no atom of the universe untouched. Yet one thing remains greater. Marvel at the suffering love of GOD for you that reaches “far as the curse is found.”


Repeat this ancient, simple prayer throughout your day: “Kyrie eleison: LORD, have mercy!”

For Families:

  1. YOUNGER KIDS READ: “Washed With Tears” on page 280 in The JESUS Storybook Bible / OLDER KIDS READ: Luke 7:36–50
  2. TALK: Everyone knew that the woman who washed JESUS’ feet with her tears was a sinner. Imagine how scared she must’ve been to walk into the house with so many important people knowing they did not want here there. She knew she was unworthy to even wash the feet of JESUS, but she was desperate to be with HIM; she wanted so badly to be with HIM that she risked being yelled at, or called out, or even thrown out. She humbled herself before JESUS and instead of telling her how awful and sinful she was, HE told her all her sins were forgiven; HE showed love to her. And just like HE showed love to the woman who washed HIS feet and forgave her of her sins, HE does the same for you. That’s why we celebrate Easter. JESUS died so that our sins could be forgiven. It’s the greatest expression of love you or me or anyone will ever know.
  3. ASK: Is there anything you want to confess to GOD so that you can receive the forgiveness HE freely wants to give you?