Day 6: Adoration

Monday, March 6, 2016


“Our FATHER in heaven, Hallowed be YOUR name.”
— Matthew 6:7 (ESV)


The idea of praying to GOD as “Our FATHER” conveys the authority, warmth, and intimacy of a loving father’s care, while “in heaven” reminds believers of GOD’s sovereign rule over all things. JESUS’ disciples are invited into the intimacy of GOD the SON has with HIS FATHER. The concern of this first petition in the LORD’s prayer is that GOD’s name would be hallowed — that GOD would be treated with the highest honor and set apart as holy.


Spend a few moments meditating on the grandeur of our GOD and giving HIM glory.

For Families:

  1. ASK: What are some other words you can use to describe GOD?
  2. MAKE: Draw a picture that shows all the wonderful things GOD has made.
  3. LISTEN: “Our GOD is an Awesome GOD”