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Ari Betof and Hans Mundahl are the cohosts for the first season of EMA’s new podcast series.
Hans Mundahl and Ari Betof are the cohosts for the first season of EMA’s new podcast series.

In August 2021, The Enrollment Management Association launched an innovative new podcast series called “EMA’s Idea Factory” with co-hosts Ari Betof, Co-Founder and Partner of Mission & Data and Hans Mundahl, the Director of Professional Development at EMA.

The first season of EMA’s Idea Factory Podcast will focus on effectively addressing impossible questions such as — Will we be full next year? How do we avoid burnout in an endless admission cycle? and Will students like me be safe here?

Listen to the Impossible Questions Series and EMA’s Idea Factory on Apple Podcast.

Episode 1: What do we do when we’re asked an impossible question?
(Crossover episode with the Enrollment Spectrum Podcast co-hosted by Hans Mundahl and Peter Baron)

Episode 2: Will we snap back and forget the lessons we’ve learned?
Guests: Heather Hoerle, Executive Director & CEO of The Enrollment Management Association, and Jeff Shields, President & CEO of The National Business Officers Association

Two Part Series with John Gulla
Episode 3: How do we avoid blind hope and make the tough calls?
Episode 4: What is the purpose of Independent School?
Guest: Executive Director of the E.E. Ford Foundation

Episode 5: Are kids who look like me welcome here?
Guest: Dr. Rodney Glasgow, Head of School at Sandy Spring Friends School and President of The Glasgow Group.

Episode 6: How do we not burn out in an endless admission cycle?
Guest: Featuring Jennifer Moss, author of The Burnout Epidemic and Unlocking Happiness at Work.

The Enrollment Management Association (EMA) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1957 with three goals: to provide a forum for exchange and support among admission professionals, create an admission test for use by private schools, and assist parents and students in their independent school search.

Mission & Data is a firm dedicated to the effectiveness, health, and vitality of educational institutions and other organizations that make the world a better place. We are committed to enhancing mission-driven, data-informed leadership and governance by:

  • Consulting to improve organizational effectiveness and facilitate organizational transformation.
  • Developing custom data products, visualizations, and dashboards to highlight progress, identify trends, and leverage actionable insights.
  • Auditing current practice and analyzing organizational data to recommend process efficiencies and strategic improvements.
  • Coaching leaders and boards of trustees to enact institutional vision and build a culture of inquiry-based decision making practices.



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