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Eric Heilman to join Mission & Data as Institutional Research Consultant

Eric Heilman is a leading voice about institutional research in independent schools. Joining Mission & Data as an Institutional Research Consultant part-time, Eric will continue his roles as the Executive Director of the Center for Institutional Research (CIRIS) and as the Director of Institutional Research at Maret School.

Mission & Data is pleased to announce that Eric Heilman will be joining our firm as an Institutional Research Consultant, bringing over 15 years of experience in the field of education and mission-driven data analysis.

“Eric is one of the leading voices in institutional research in independent schools. His quantitative prowess is paired with a deep contextual knowledge of independent school operations. I could not be more thrilled to have such a respected thought leader join our team,” said Kelsey Vrooman, co-founder and partner of Mission & Data.

Joining Mission & Data part-time, Eric will continue his roles as the Executive Director of the Center for Institutional Research (CIRIS) and as the Director of Institutional Research at Maret School in Washington, DC where he develops and implements data-driven models supporting enrollment management, faculty development, DEIJ initiatives, and student wellness.

Over the last fifteen years, Eric has worked in a variety of capacities in independent schools including middle and upper school math teacher, upper school grade dean, and institutional researcher.

“Adding Eric Heliman to our team expands Mission & Data’s ability to meet the needs of our clients integrating data analysis across multiple contexts. His experience and expertise will serve numerous clients looking to leverage insight informing mission-aligned action,” added Ari Betof, co-founder and partner of Mission & Data.

A winner of an E.E. Ford Foundation Educational Leadership grant in 2020, Maret’s Center for Institutional Research in Independent Schools (CIRIS) supports the professional development of institutional researchers in independent schools by supplying resources, technical training, and mentorship to data analysts and school leaders across the country. In addition to hosting CIRIS’s regular online roundtable discussions, Eric is the facilitator of CIRIS’s Summer Fellows Lab, an annual professional development workshop for institutional researchers. Tackling complex data modeling challenges like “quantifying holistic student experience” and “measuring equity and inclusion in school communities,” the Summer Lab brings together innovators in the field of mission-driven data applications. Eric has also presented work on geographic and psychometric analysis of admissions data at the AISAP summer conference.

After finishing an undergraduate degree in International Economics at Georgetown University, Eric went on to graduate school in Economics at the University of Chicago where he earned a Master’s degree. While at the University of Chicago, Eric worked on the research team of Nobel Prize winner James Heckman, focusing on microeconomic models of educational attainment.

Eric will be instrumental in the expansion of Mission & Data’s coaching and consulting services to independent schools. Eric’s expertise is in developing quantitative measures of success across multiple dimensions of a school’s mission, developing overall institutional data strategy, marketing and strategic communications analysis, and facilitating professional development around quantitative literacy and data culture.

If your school is interested in exploring how you can leverage data to help your school thrive and achieve the goals laid out in your mission, please contact Eric Heilman at eheilman@missionanddata.com.

Mission & Data is a firm dedicated to the effectiveness, health, and vitality of educational institutions and other organizations that make the world a better place. We are committed to enhancing mission-driven, data-informed leadership and governance by:

  • Consulting to improve organizational effectiveness and facilitate organizational transformation.
  • Developing custom data products, visualizations, and dashboards to highlight progress, identify trends, and leverage actionable insights.
  • Auditing current practice and analyzing organizational data to recommend process efficiencies and strategic improvements.
  • Coaching leaders and boards of trustees to enact institutional vision and build a culture of inquiry-based decision making practices.



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Ari Betof

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