5 Ways To Save Time And Money With Team Chat

Traditionally, communication in business always involves some form of delay and time-slotting; meetings get scheduled (and re-scheduled), organizing calls are made difficult by time zone differences etc…

There’s no point in calculated how many hours at the office are lost due to inefficiency but we’re sure you agree — wasted time = wasted $.

In the 1950s that may have been status quo — things moved slower and lunch was always animated with martinis… but these days people work in teams who want to communicate in order to co-ordinate their efforts, and teams exist in larger networks whose success depends on the freedom of information flowing between people.

Rocket Chat gives teams options for how they want to connect in real time, and we believe that this gives companies a ton of benefits, including the following:

  1. Physical space is no longer a limitation — Forget about waiting for a meeting room to become available, or for George to come back with enough spare chairs to start the weekly review… You can now meet with multiple people and groups at once, with no constraints on how you connect with them.
  2. Greater context comes from inclusion — In the old days information was stored in silos — filing cabinets, rolodex’s and peoples’ brains. Now, you can search for past conversations instantly and reach out to any team member (or the whole team) to get context on anything you’re facing (whether its the annual report or a specific customer who you’re having lunch with.)
  3. Stronger relationships — When communication is annotated with video, links, emoji and images the people communicating get a deeper sense of each other’s character — teams get to actually know each other better using RocketChat and that helps them work better together.
  4. Networks naturally expand — On RocketChat you can instantly pull in relevant team members to a conversation, or even add members or guests to the community (or a single chat room/channel.) Plus, your chat can extend to your website — developing visitors into leads through being able to instantly connect them to information and other members of your team.
  5. Zero wait time for crucial data — Because its cloud hosted, RocketChat is available on any device — so if you’re away from your desk you can instantly search for a file through chat on your mobile phone. Plus, with chatbots you don’t have to rely on your (human!) team members to respond to you — simply type a forward slash command and get crucial information from a bot!

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Written by the team at RocketChatLauncher and originally published in our official blog, ‘Mission Control’ where we regularly share our thoughts about communication and community online.

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