4 Ways You Can Dramatically Increase Your Child’s Test Scores

Being a student is hard. Being a parent to a student can be even harder. We all want the best for our children. We want to give them the tools that they need to succeed throughout school and teach them lessons that will stay with them for a lifetime. With so many responsibilities pulling us in all directions, it can be difficult to spend time finding the best ways to help our children learn efficiently and effectively. Today, we’ll give you 4 quick tips on how to boost your student’s test scores.

Tip #1: Use Education Games/Technology

We worry that our children are spending too much time with their faces buried in their screens. Although too much screen time can be an issue, we can make the most of their screen time by helping them find entertaining resources that make education more exciting. For example, our platform, ActiveEDU, makes education more exciting AND gets children active. Children can watch numerous educational lessons that are taught by an animated character who also takes the kids through a kid-friendly workout! There is data that proves students are more likely to be engaged and will actually study LONGER when they have access to education-related games. So let’s convert the screen time into learning experiences to reinforce school related lessons.

Tip #2: Use Reinforcement

If you read the first tip then you know that technology can be used to help our children study longer and actually enjoy it more. That same technology can be used to reinforce the lessons students learned during the day and force recall of that information. There is a memory concept called the “forgetting curve.” This curve states that if information isn’t reinforced during the first 24 hours we will only be able to recall 40% of it. 60% GONE AFTER JUST ONE DAY! That’s why using tools such as notecards or educational games are so important. It forces information recall and can help children convert these lessons into long-term memory!

Tip #3: Use Multiple Representations

This tip plays nicely off the last one. We can implement reinforcement by relating new lessons back to old ones. So if our child just learned a new vocabulary word, ask them to use it in a sentence! Not only will this help them reinforce the meaning of the word, but it helps them work on their literacy skills. We should also try to apply lessons to different real world scenarios. So again, if our child learns that 2+2=4, then we should have them separate their apple slices into 2 piles and ask them to see how many there are total. You can use nearly any situation to reinforce newly learned math or literacy concepts.

Tip #4 Stress Relievers

Give them a break! Like we discussed at the beginning, being a student is hard work. No one wants to learn when they feel overworked and tired. Meditation, yoga, and other mindfulness practices are great ways to not only reduce stress levels, but they also have been shown to increase test scores by 15% in 4th and 5th-grade students! So if you’re child is feeling stressed out try popping on a meditation video to calm their anxieties. If you need a place to find kid-friendly videos, ActiveEDU is home to over 30 different yoga videos and 10 different, full-length meditation videos (and growing!). Don’t be afraid to join them…seriously. We have. :)

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