The Entitlement Bug

Stop Blaming External Influences and Start Counting on Yourself

The world is changing, the golden age of entitlement is over.

You’re not entitled to job security nor to have someone create a job for you any more.

You’re not entitled to retirement any more — well technically you might be, but retirement age is getting older and older, gen-X’rs and the youngest Baby Boomers are experiencing it right now.

So my question is:

Is it worth spending a life waiting for what you feel entitled to?

Sure you’re right, you’re entitled to it — trouble is “they” wont give it to you. So what?

There is something you’re entitled to and nobody will take it away from you.

It’s the right to take action for yourself, build your future, develop your potential and create value for someone willing to pay for it.

Don’t sell your time, sell the value you can create.

Uncover your potential and find how to apply it to create something valuable for someone else.

Become an entrepreneur of yourself. Show to yourself what you can do.

Discover what you can do which is valuable for someone else. Find your first customer, someone who loves what you do. Then find another, and another. Serve them with your passion and potential. Love what you do and deliver awesome value.

You won’t need a job any more. You won’t crave for retirement any more. You will be living your life and passion creating value for others. Isn’t it the reason why we are on this planet?

I’m Leonardo Zangrando.

I’m passionate about unlocking potential and making it shine in people and organisations.
I help people fulfil their true potential and become what they really can be. I help humanise organisations and create a culture for innovation.

Follow me on Twitter and meet me #IRL at Launch22 incubator in London.

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