EP Review: “Uh Oh!” by Tennyson

© OWSLA, 2017.

Smart, impeccably detailed, and full of head-scrachingly addictive melodies, “Uh Oh!” is anything but what its title suggests, an accident. Every track is perfectly crafted with the upmost attention to minute detail that Tennyson could muster, which, obviously, led to an excellent album that doesn’t contain a song I don’t like in any capacity.

Aloe Blacc’s buttery-smooth vocals on “Body Language” complete the unique production style exactly, procuring a headlining track of the EP in my honest opinion. Yet, Tennyson still manage to make every track different in its own right, whilst still injecting their once-in-a-lifetime noticeable flavour into the entire release. The next notable song on this smooth carpet ride is “your face tastes like my happy place”, which is a French gondola riding in a river of soft notes and tender effects, all the while, the moon is resting it’s tender glow upon the land in front of you, all as you gaze upon the glittering stars and think about life and it’s many pursuits and glories, which then smoothly leads into “Pancake Feet”, a track with a very apt name. “Pancake Feet” feels like a jazz swing band playing in a overcrowded tent warmly lit with suspended candle lights, complete with fast footwork and a crush’s soft gaze from across the room, beckoning you to join them in a dance. This entire EP feels like the sweet embrace of a good memory shared with people you love and admire, coupled with an upbeat and ecstatic outlook on life in general.

“Uh Oh!” by Tennyson is available for streaming or purchase on Spotify and iTunes, respectively.