The T’s of Twenty eighteen

New Year, new beginnings, new sets of New Year’s resolutions. A lot of people would even say that having a resolution is like having a warm drink, the liquid heat goes away through time; and, not everyone finishes the cup to its last sip. But as we close the first week of 2018, allow me to give you a list of Ts that I know we can accomplish this year with a little faith, passion, determination, hard work and even a little luck :)

Hi there! This is my first official blog post on Medium :) Since I wasn’t able to do a self introduction piece yet, here’s my way of saying welcome and happy new year!!!!


As the year opens again, it gives us a lot of time to explore both local and international destinations. Some might even have one planned last year and will officially push through this 2018.

White Island, Mambajao, Camiguin. Follow me at instagram @finalfranztasy
If you’re from Cebu and want a quick getaway to relax, you should definitely visit Moalboal ❤

Hindi lang ito drawing, mangyayari na talaga ito.

Harajuki, Tokyo, Japan

In case you’re planning to go outside the Philippines and you don’t have a passport, DFA has a scheduling reservation system on how to file. Slots for January to March 2018 are already full for Cebu. For more information about requirements and slots for filing you may visit their website Also if you’re on a budget, cheap flights, piso fares and seat sales from different airlines are available, tiyaga lang talaga tayo sa pagbook. #Abangers

Movenpick Resort, Lapu-Lapu City

Tap your friends and your love ones to start saving up, file those leaves at work and of course, get those cameras and even bodies in shape. #TravelGoals #2018Adventures is coming.


#TipidGoals na this.


Php 10.00 For a 52 day challenge, Bank book and piggy banks received during Christmas as gifts are already opening its way into our lifestyle. 2018 is a year to plan and save for the future. Don’t follow trends and only buy things we actually need and will use.

The government passed the The Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) this year. It is expected to have a bigger income per pay day but a major impact on some items. Maybe the transportation will even go up until 12 pesos per ride. Hay. Well, mandatory exercise will indeed happen in our Walk of fate in case that happens. #AlayLakad

Tipid might not only be limited to monetary value but maybe on time as well. Tipid your OTs for your body to feel less burned out. Tipid your feelings to those who are not worthy for your time and effort. #Hugot


This pic is from GDG Cebu Campus talk series :) In case you want to learn about Google Technologies and other tech related events, join our events ^_^

2018 will be the year we will start to carve our own path. This year, it is our chance to pursue something that we really want. Increase your knowledge and skill in your work or at school. Start small by coming in the office earlier, or finishing your work ahead of time. Who knows, baka mapromote ka this year, #KapitLangBes Kaya mo yan!

Knowing is not enough; we must apply.

Willing is not enough; we must do.

— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


First time to do Archery. This was a wonderful experience! Thanks Archery Asia!

Time to take risks and make new memories. As technology takes over the world day by day, it is essential for us to improve ourselves. So in case you have those plans that never push through, or if you wanted to try to learn a new skill (a certain instrument maybe), do something out of the ordinary, as long as it’s legal and safe, try it.

We finally had a chance to do a quick cover of The Chainsmokers’ eargasmic hit, Closer.

Life is too short to always worry.

Here’s to more senti and instragrammable pics ;)

If you want love this year, and you got someone you really like, try going for it, who knows he/she might feel the same way too. Don’t limit yourself because you can do something amazing ❤ #NewYear #NewMe


And of course let’s not forget to be thankful for reaching 2018!

We had made loads of sacrifices, faced numerous obstacles just to make it this far. It’s also the year to be thankful for everyone who made your 2018 Self.

Family Trip to Universal Studios Singapore ❤

Let’s spend time more with our family, make it a habit to have quality time with our parents and siblings, a cellphone free and social media free date and hangout with the gang.

BSIT girls ❤ #Stoics
Software Engineers by day, Royalty by night ❤ #kddpserviceteam

Spread the love and joy because this keeps us going for the entire year! #Blessed

As I close my first blog, I’m so thankful that you finished reading the blog! :D

I know 2018 will not be easy, but it’s going to be worth it! :)

I’ll be posting another piece next week, I am currently participating in 52 week blogging challenge ;) Wish me luck!

In case you have suggestions on what content you want me to write about in the future, you can contact me on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.


Frances ❤




I believe that something good can happen in random circumstance ❤ This is a collection of all my blogs about life, adventures, adulthood and everything in between.

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