Just another Random Day

It was just another Random Day! But random days in Tokyo aren’t simple, they’re quite adventurous. Like the day when we were randomly walking to Shibuya and saw Neymar in person who was there for inaugurating a place. It was another random day when we entered a small door that led to a Alice in Wonderland themed store called Alice in Wednesday. It was another random day when to we went to Yoyogi park only to discover a man who was blowing a lot of bubbles. We danced in the bubbles like small children.

A picture from my gallery at 4 am that day. Apparently, the sun rises quite early in Japan, as early as 3 am.

So, it was just another random day. I went bed at 10 pm and didn’t fall asleep until 2:30 am. But it wasn’t just about the sleep, it was about my mind which didn’t want to stop thinking about things. So I decided to get up and do some work. I did a bit of research and emails. At 4 am, I thought of taking a walk to a nearby garden and ease out my mind. An idea struck my mind, “Let’s go to Todoroki Valley.”. Todoroki Valley is a hidden gem in South Tokyo and my friends told me that it’s a really beautiful place.

I found myself walking with the rising sun towards Todoroki Valley. I crossed the Tama river, which is a beautiful stream that runs across South Tokyo and separates Tokyo from Kanagawa Prefecture. I walked at a slow pace on the bridge over the Tama river. Time seemed to have slowed down. I usually listen to music on my phone while exercising or walking but I preferred the nature’s music that day.

A Video of the Tama River

I stopped and glanced at the flowing water for a while. It wasn’t something new. I just had never tried to stop and appreciate the beauty of flowing water. I walked across the Futako-Tamagawa Park towards the Todoroki Valley. I thought it’d be like a great tourist attraction and would have great views from outside. As I reached there, I could see trees below the highway but could not see anyway to get below. I saw a small staircase made of logs that led to a place about 40 m below.

The Todoroki Valley from the top
The path to the Shinto Temple

It was a mysterious path. As I reached the base, I knew why people talk about it so much. There it was, a serene stream flowing through the woods, surrounded by lots of trees and trails that were covered by vines. I had never seen such an amazing place in the middle of a metropolitan city. The trees were old and strong. There was only a small amount of sunlight that came through the trees but it was enough for me to appreciate the beauty around me.

The Temple. It wasn’t exactly structured like one but the inside was properly made as a normal temple.

I walked for a while and noticed a small structure. It was a Shinto temple that could only be accessed by walking on a tree trunk that connected both the sides of the stream. An adventure it was. I reached the temple which was naturally built and had mesmerizing statues of the gods. I prayed there in traditional Shinto style. I walked on the other side of the valley. On this side, there were only natural trails and trees to walk on.

I sat down next to the stream. The sound of the water flowing seemed to heal me from inside. There has been quite a lot of stuff going on in the past few days and this was my opportunity to escape for a while. I’ve learnt why Japanese people prefer calmness and serenity. It’s their way of relaxation after a tiring day full of work.

Todoroki valley is one hidden jewel in the middle of nowhere in Tokyo. As I walked back, I thought I’d be energized but I was tired and hungry. It was an hour of walking before I got back home and went to sleep at around 8 am. The bright sunshine woke me up at 1 pm. I proceeded with my day’s work and never thought about the whole day until it was 10 pm when I went to bed and realized it was another randomly amazing day. I‘ ve felt so much better after that experience and I am very grateful to have visited that place.

I don’t know how many such days are coming but it was just another random day!

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