2018 Inclusive Innovation Challenge Goes Global

Five Regional Tournaments Launching in March

This month, the annual Inclusive Innovation Challenge (IIC) launches a new format — a global tournament — expanding our impact on the future of work and the entrepreneurs who are reinventing it.

By collaborating with like-minded partners in five global regions — North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Asia — the challenge “broadens reach to deserving applicants around the world, derives lessons from the global community, and accelerates the Inclusive Innovation movement,” said Devin Cook, Executive Producer, MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge. Twenty Regional Winners will proceed to the IIC Global Celebration where four Grand Prize Winners will win $250,000.

On March 6, the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy (IDE) announced the first global collaboration with Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, where the IIC will seek to identify and promote entrepreneurial organizations in Europe that are using technology to improve economic opportunity for low- and moderate-income earners in the region. Judges will select 12 regional IIC winners to receive monetary prizes, recognition, and promotion at the IIC Europe Celebration held in Darmstadt, on September 10. Four Regional Champions will each win $20,000, and eight Finalists will each win $5,000.

Following this event, four Europe Regional Winners will advance to the IIC Global Grand Prize Celebration hosted at MIT in Cambridge, MA, in the fall of 2018. There, $1 million in prize money will be awarded to four Global Grand Prize Winners selected from Regional Winners from around the world. For- and non-profit organizations operating primarily in Europe and/or those that are based in the region are encouraged to apply at www.mitinclusiveinnovation.com.