Can We Trust Cybersecurity to the Cloud?

Once a risky option, leaders now look to cloud providers to keep data safe

“Security and compliance can be better in the cloud than on premises, but automation and management are needed to achieve these benefits,” says Whyman.

“The first question many customers ask when moving to the cloud is about security. Security in the cloud is now as good, or in many cases better, than on premises, as the CIO of CIA recently concluded. … The most security-conscious users around the world from intelligence agencies, defense ministries, and banks now rely on cloud computing.”

But, while absolutely necessary, technology advances and best practices are not enough.

The cloud’s “increasing pervasiveness and potent capabilities are drawing interest from government policymakers and administrators,” writes Whyman. In the report’s final section, A Policy Agenda for Cloud Computing, he outlines several key steps that governments should take to support the development and adoption of cloud-based cybersecurity. Let me summarize a few of these steps:

The federal government needs to deepen its relationship with cloud providers to better coordinate their work on cloud security and resilience.

The report proposes regular government-industry reviews of cyberattack data, service outages, compliance effectiveness and joint planning of protective actions. Such government-industry programs should also aim to simplify legal and compliance requirements and the continuous enhancement of security best practices.

The time is ripe for a national initiative on a public-private technology training partnership, accompanied by a G-7 summit with funding commitments to training, re-skilling, and inclusivity.”



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