Digital Transformation Needs New Metrics

Q&A: Digital businesses require a portfolio of strategically chosen, observable KPIs — not warmed over corporate metrics

Simple lift-and-shift approaches typically just move the same old operating models to the cloud. That misses the real business opportunity:

providing enhanced, digitally enabled business capabilities for greater value and agility. That requires a different set of key performance indicators.”

Michael Schrage
Vansh Muttreja

The digital transformation environment is all about finding new ways to create new value-not just doing what you have always done faster, cheaper, or more reliably.

Q: Can you give an example of a well-chosen KPI a company might use, as opposed to a legacy one?

Anne Kwan

While it’s very important to be able to tell your organization’s story and ambitions, you want strategic KPIs to be characters in your strategic narrative — not mere props or background.

Q: Who in the C-suite needs to be involved?



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