Social Physics and Cybercrime Detection

The common social laws found in human behavioral data may help solve cybercrimes.

  • It’s content agnostic — you don’t need to know what question to ask, just give examples of the entities of interest (EOI) to search for in the form “here is an example X, find me more of X.”
  • Entities similar to the defined EOIs are searched within the data, based mainly on temporal correlations, which can be done much more quickly and accurately than machine learning algorithms.
  • It’s able to detect dynamic behaviors that correlate with the EOIs in real-time, which might indicate emerging or hidden patterns.
  • Social physics searches for patterns, not content, thus it can analyze fully encrypted data sets, enabling financial companies, health care providers or blockchains to maintain data privacy.
  1. “The ability to connect to structured data streams in a semantics agnostic way enabled the social physics engine to efficiently process streams written in foreign languages, such as Arabic, Urdu, or Farsi, that many mainstream data-analysis tools cannot easily digest.”



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