Grey Mirror #1—Tadge Dryja, Digital Currency Initiative: uTreeXO and Bootstrapping Bitcoin Upgrades

MIT Media Lab’s Digital Currency Initiative is starting a new podcast on technology, society, and ethics called Grey Mirror (Soundcloud, Youtube, iTunes). Unlike Black Mirror, which only explores technology’s negative impacts on society, Grey Mirror explores technology’s negative and positive impacts on society.

Show Notes:

In today’s 1st episode, Rhys Lindmark interviews Tadge Dryja, a research scientist at DCI who co-invented the Lightning Network. We chat about his current research (uTreeXO, a dynamic accumulator for Bitcoin state) and discuss non-fork ways to bootstrap upgrades to a network (a bridge node for uTreeXO). For more on accumulators, see:

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Disclaimers: This interview is not investment advice. The views and opinions expressed in this article are my own and do not reflect my employer :). I own less than $5000 of any given cryptocurrency, so my monetary incentive is not too aligned with Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.