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A story in images: the abortion media storm of 2019

Spring showers?


June 24- July 1st week generalized overview


Using TopicMapper and MediaCloud to target coverage

Progressive vs. Conservative Coverage

Traditional Press vs. Social Media

Monthly Mappings

Visualizations of Shared Stories and Images

Findings: Week of May 13–20, 2019

Inlink interactive map
all Facebook shares
Click here for the interactive map of images of Facebook shares from May 13–20

Findings: Week of May 27–June 3, 2019

282,046 Facebook shares between May 5 2019 and August 5 2019
Full images overlaid on regions indicating Facebook share counts

Findings: Week of June 24–July 1, 2019

Tidings of Two Tales

Comparison of image maps over time

The weeks of May 20–27, May 27-June 3, June 24-July 1 2019 according to each week’s Facebook shares


Next steps



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