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Rhapsody in Zero G

Reimagining research for life in space

Four of the research projects aboard the flight, representing a wide array of research: (clockwise from left) liquid resin fabrication; performance art with an engineering twist; affective computing and physiology; and DNA sequencing. Credit: Steve Boxall
Noelle Bryan and Maria Zuber float above their experiment. Credit:Steve Boxall
Xin Liu designed and machined the Orbit Weaver mechanism in the Media Lab’s shop. Credit: Steve Boxall
Fellow researcher Louis Kang (Synthetic Neurobiology) volunteered to test out Spatial Flux.
Eric Schilling attempts to avoid hitting the colored part of the screen while floating in zero gravity.
A huge range of research and a little bit of play in zero gravity. Credit: Joe Paradiso
Asteroid grappling, space music, and game design, all together in zero g. Credit: Steve Boxall



The MIT Media Lab is one of the world’s leading research and academic organizations, where designers, engineers, artists, and scientists strive to create technologies and experiences that enable people to understand and transform their lives, communities, and environments.

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MIT Media Lab

The Media Lab is home to an interdisciplinary research culture where art, science, design, and technology build and play off one another.