2019 Q2: MITH Acceptance & Real-world Usability | 2019 Q2:結合「實際使用」與「娛樂生活」打造秘銀生態系

Apr 16, 2019 · 2 min read

2019 Q2: MITH Acceptance & Real-world Usability

Poised with an exciting Q2! MITH is optimizing VAULT, building existing infrastructure, and driving the expansion of the MITH ecosystem with our growing list of partners toward MITH acceptance and real-world usability.

We are proud to partner with Accupass, the biggest online ticketing platform in Asia that processes over 10,000 event tickets annually. We successfully completed a trial of MITH acceptance as a payment option for livestreaming gift points with M17 Entertainment, the largest live entertainment platform with over 40 million registered users. As for value action mining, we launched social mining with “Yeemos”, a social media app that focuses on interaction with its unique doodling feature.

MITH Merchant Network

Building on top of existing partners in retail apparel, coffee shops, and online app partners, MITH is stepping into a new field in Q2- Amateur adult entertainment.

SWAG, an exciting mobile amateur adult social platform with over 1.5 million registered users and over 600 new models onboarding each month, will soon accept MITH as payment for SWAG Diamonds.


In addition to adding more types of cryptoassets, we continue to polish and optimize VAULT with three core functionalities: To earn/spend/manage cryptoassets seamlessly. Meanwhile, we are creating “VAULT Send”, a brand new feature that allows users to easily send crypto to anyone they want, within seconds.


To improve the mobile experience for our VAULT users, we are launching mobile apps on both iOS and Android. On top of the existing features in the current version, we are making the app easy to use. To simplify the login process, users will also be able to log in with face ID or touch ID.

Join us at contact@mith.io if you’re interested in being part of the MITH ecosystem.

Q2搶先看:結合「實際使用」與「娛樂生活」雙重面向 打造秘銀生態系



網頁版VAULT不夠,秘銀更將於五月底推出VAULT APP,簡單易上手的介面,加上大受用戶歡迎的秘存功能,讓你第一次使用電子錢包就上手!




The most widely accepted token in Asia

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