Mithril is Partnering up with Arsenic to Accelerate Lit Adoption

May 2, 2018 · 2 min read

Our goal at Mithril has always been about becoming THE social media platform to post on that also rewards all it’s content creators via a unique concept called social mining. With our Lit app we hope to empower users to post their content and be rewarded by adding value to the social platform.

Mithril and Arsenic Team-Up

We are proud and excited to announce our partnership with the Arsenic team. Arsenic is a community of models, artists, and creators that have an aggregate reach of over 150 million people around the world. They have one of the highest celebrity followings of any media company in the world and influencers are drawn to the Arsenic brand because of values such as freedom of expression and open-mindedness.

I’m hugely looking forward to our partnership with Arsenic. I’m very excited for the content they will provide and the artists they will introduce to social mining on Lit!

-Jeff Huang, founder of Mithril and 17 Media

Arsenic Content Gets “Lit”

Arsenic will actively publish content on the Lit platform. Through the reach of their content creators, we hope the partnership will generate value for current users on the Lit app as well as act as springboard to appeal to the new social media generation.

Join the upcoming Arsenic artists and influencers in the social mining revolution. We are happy to welcome the Arsenic family onto the Lit platform and we look forward to shaping the Mithril ecosystem together!


Lit 上線已經將近兩個月啦。

上線至今,Lit 團隊不斷地努力,便是希望能夠發揚「社交挖礦」的概念、並使 Lit 成為一個獎勵所有內容創作者的、獨一無二的社群平台。

在 Lit 日趨完備的今日,我們已經準備好邀請全球一起加入這場社群革命 — 我們非常興奮而榮幸地宣佈,秘銀將與 Arsenic 合作,推動 Lit 在全球的下載與使用。

Arsenic 是一個集合了眾多內容創作者、網紅、藝術家、模特兒的社群,擁有近一億五千萬粉絲的社群影響力,也是全球最多名人追蹤的媒體公司。Arsenic對於創作表達的自由、以及開放的觀念,是其備受內容創造者們熱愛的原因。

我們相信,此次合作能促成更多的內容創作者加入 Lit 的使用行列,並為 Lit 帶來更多有價值的內容。

讓我們再次歡迎 Arsenic 加入秘銀生態系,與我們一起為「讓內容創作者得到相對應的回饋」這份理念共同努力。

Arsenic 官方網站:

Arsenic 介紹影片:



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Mine Mithril - Find Followers, Fortune, and Fame. Join our discussion at

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